Green Day: Sovereign Investors Tune in with Paris Targets Ahead of COP26 Gig

26th October, 2021

With days to go before the COP26 summit on climate change in Scotland, several state-owned investors have pledged commitments to decarbonise their portfolios with stronger sustainability policies and divestment from fossil fuels.

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BlackRock and the New Saudi Fund on the Block

25th October, 2021

Saudi Arabia is set to launch a new National Infrastructure Fund (NIF), under the ambit of the National Development Fund (NDF) and operated by BlackRock, which will use central bank excess forex reserves to pour tens of billions of debt and equity finance into power, water and healthcare projects over the next decade.

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Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan strengthen collaboration and alignment

22nd October, 2021

The Republics of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have much more in common than the Caspian Sea and the independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Both nations have a history of an active State Investment landscape, with various vehicles looking after different missions.

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Norway's SWF Plateaus With Flat Return

21st October, 2021

With public markets peaking, Norway’s US$1.4 trillion Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) returned a meagre 0.1% in Q321 – an increase of NOK31 billion (US$3.7 billion) over the previous quarter – but was still able to beat its benchmark index by 0.25 percentage points.

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Sovereign Investors Lead the Charge in Australian Infra and Real Estate Boom

20th October, 2021

Sovereign investment in Australian real assets is soaring to new heights with US$9 billion spent on real estate and more than US$6 billion deployed into infrastructure – and this month is seeing the pace of investment continue.

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Korea’s NPS Accelerates VC Investment, But is Set to Miss Alternatives Target

19th October, 2021

Korea’s National Pension Service’s (NPS) venture capital portfolio is set to break through the KRW1 trillion (US$840 million) million mark for the first time by end-2021 and up 10% over 2020.

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Abu Dhabi Inc Leads Healthcare Investment And Singapore Inc Is Not Far Behind

18th October, 2021

A preliminary agreement for collaboration between G42 Healthcare and Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala is the latest development in a year that has seen a slew of capital commitments by state-owned investors in the healthcare sector.

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Temasek’s Seeks to Boost Singapore’s R&D Ecosystem, With Emphasis on Collaboration

15th October, 2021

Singaporean state-owned investor Temasek is planning to pour S$1 billion (US$740 million) per year into deep-tech innovation in Singapore, in addition to the government’s S$25 billion (US$18.5 billion) Enterprise 2025 plan for tech development, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced today.

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Beyond Greenwashing: Ahead of COP26, It's Time for SWFs to Commit to Targets

14th October, 2021

Paris-alignment is a hot topic ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which starts in little over two weeks, but sovereign wealth funds have failed to commit to the firm targets and assessments of the UN’s Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance (NZAOA) and the risk of "greenwashing" persists.

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APG Backs World's Biggest Green Bond Issue

13th October, 2021

Dutch public pension fund manager APG has thrown its weight behind the EU’s first green bond issue, purchasing EUR195 million of the debut issue.

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World’s Biggest SWF Sees Cuts in Withdrawals and New Political Leap to Net Zero

12th October, 2021

Norway’s outgoing centre-right government has proposed slashing withdrawals from the country’s US$1.4 trillion Government Pension Global Fund (GPFG) by more than 20% to NOK322.4 billion (US$37.7 billion) in 2022 – but it would still represent the third largest annual withdrawal in the fund’s 31 year history.

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Kiwi Fund Celebrates 20th Birthday Following Best Ever Returns

11th October, 2021

New Zealand’s US$40.4 billion NZ Super celebrates its 20th birthday this week, after a year in which it reported its best ever return of 29.6%, beating its benchmark by 1.7%.

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