Fund Target Country Date Value ($m) Stake
APG Emerging Market Private Credit Fund Global Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
PIF Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence Saudi Arabia Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
CPP Canalyst (Series C) USA Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
CDPQ Trencap Canada Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
Temasek FPL Technologies (Series C) India Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
GIC Haulio (via Heliconia) (Series A) Singapore Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
QIA (Series D) USA Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
GIC (Series D) USA Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
Temasek Global Payments Services (Series C) UK Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
NSIA Solar power Naija - solar homes systems Nigeria Jan-22 Subscribe Subscribe
Fund Move Date Int/Ext Org Chart
QIC Kylie Rampa to replace Damien Frawley as CEO (Apr'22) Apr-22 Ext Hire (Lendlease) Subscribe
CalPERS Theresa Taylor replaces Henry Jones as Chairman of the BoD Jan-22 Int Promotion Subscribe
OTPP Mei-ni Yang is appointed as Director for Private Capital Funds, APAC Jan-22 Ext Hire (Mercer) Subscribe
ND RIO Scott Anderson replaces David J. Hunter as CIO Jan-22 Ext Hire (SWIB) Subscribe
HOOPP Lori Hall-Kimm replaces Jim Walker as Head of Private Equity Jan-22 Ext Hire (CPP) Subscribe
ADQ Timothy Huijts is appointed Head of Private Funds, ADG Jan-22 Int Promotion Subscribe
FSD Slim Feriani replaces Mamadou Mbaye as CEO Dec-21 Ext Hire (GoT) Subscribe
PGGM Piet Klop replaces Hans Op ’t Veld as Head of Responsible Investment Dec-21 Int Promotion Subscribe
AP1-7 Erik Kleväng Callert replaces Hans Fahlin as CIO Dec-21 Ext Hire (PRI) Subscribe
Alaska PFC Valerie Mertz replaces Angela Rodell as Interim CEO Dec-21 Int Promotion Subscribe

Source: Global SWF. Last updated January 2022