BlackRock Deepens Mubadala Collaboration, Emerges as SWF Favorite in Net Zero Drive

31st March, 2022

Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala is seeking to deepen its partnership with leading global asset manager BlackRock with plans to invest in Tata Power’s new Indian renewable energy arm.

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Most English Fans Feel Negative About SWFs, but Newcastle and Man City Reap Rewards

30th March, 2022

Most English football fans advocate an independent regulator with the power to ban ownership by sovereign wealth funds or individuals linked with foreign governments, according to a survey of 10,500 supporters of Premier League clubs by The Mail on Sunday newspaper.

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NZ Super and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Drive Towards Net Zero

29th March, 2022

Although relatively remote, Aotearoa New Zealand is gaining global attention for its renewables potential with the native NZ Super striking a deal with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) for large-scale offshore wind energy generaton in the South Taranaki Bight.

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Singapore Inc. prepares for a new budget deficit despite its largest ordinary dividend to date

28th March, 2022

This week marks the end of FY2022 in Singapore, and its various state-owned investors are busy wrapping up the year. In February, the Government released the estimated budget deficit for the year (SG$ 5.4 billion), despite expecting to withdraw the highest ordinary dividend (known as NIRC) to date, at SG$ 21.6 billion or US$ 16.0 billion.

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Russian Sovereign Funds Hammered by Sanctions and Geopolitical Risk

25th March, 2022

The conflict in Ukraine and the effects of sanctions on Russia have dealt a major blow to Russia’s National Wealth Fund (NWF), which saw its total assets under management plunge 11.5% to US$154.8 billion, and is likely to freeze the ability of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to secure inward investment.

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PIF Spurs Venture Capital and Real Estate Growth in Saudi Arabia

24th March, 2022

Saudi Arabia is striding forward with its Vision 2030 program, with the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund the Public Investment Fund (PIF) setting the pace.

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ADQ Strengths Abu Dhabi’s Economic Ties with Egypt and Turkey with Major Commitments

23rd March, 2022

After months of negotiations, Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund ADQ has forged major investment agreements with its counterparts in Egypt and Turkey as the UAE bolsters its regional economic and political might.

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CDPQ Firms Up Commitment to Indian Infra with Delhi Office Promotion

22nd March, 2022

In a push to advance its infrastructure investments in India, Canadian public pension fund CDPQ has appointed Saurabh Agarwal as its Managing Director overseeing its operations in the country.

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Mumtalakat Renews Itself to Boost Bahrain's Economic Diversification

21st March, 2022

Bahrain’s US$18 billion Mumtalakat has undergone a makeover and organizational shake-up, separating assets into portfolios with very different objectives.

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Sovereign Funds Look to Lucrative Exits from Emerging Market E-Commerce

18th March, 2022

Sovereign funds are key investors in the digitalization of emerging market economies, with e-commerce becoming a prime target for venture capital sprees in recent years.

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DP World Hits the Rocks with P&O Layoffs

18th March, 2022

The decision this week by P&O ferries to make 800 workers redundant shines a light on Dubai-owned DP World as well as the stress facing transportation assets in the portfolios of state-owned investors. DP World bought P&O Ferries in 2019, for GBP322 million after selling it earlier in the decade.

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Khazanah Consolidates Funds, But Aviation is Still Caught in a Tail Spin

17th March, 2022

Malaysian sovereign investor Khazanah’s decision to merge its commercial and strategic funds is set to boost the performance of its investment portfolio – but while separating them from the negative effects of distressed assets such as Malaysian Airlines, it is kicking the can down the road in terms of the continued high risk exposures from the troubled aviation sector.

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