Germany Repurposes Debt for a Climate and Transformation SWF

14th December, 2021

Germany’s new “traffic light” coalition government is set to establish a new sovereign wealth fund, utilizing EUR60 billion (US$68 billion) of unused borrowing for green infrastructure and economic transformation.

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Brazil Looks to Relaunch Sovereign Wealth Fund ... But Will It Last?

22nd November, 2021

Brazil may consider relaunching its sovereign wealth fund, the Fundo Soberano do Brasil (FSB), after the establishment of two sub-national funds in the past two years.

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Namibia’s SWF: What Do We Know About Africa's Newest Fund?

27th October, 2021

Namibia is set to launch Africa’s newest sovereign wealth fund in coming weeks, but details have been notably sketchy. The SWF will join Africa’s 30 SWFs or sub-funds, most of which are relatively minuscule, with combined wealth of US$98 billion.

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Australia's New Merged Super Fund Looks to a New Era

28th September, 2021

The merger of Australia’s QSuper and Sunsuper creates the country’s second biggest public pension fund with AUM of US$152 billion and two million members, sending the combined entity up the global league table to 22nd place, between Denmark’s ATP and behind Canada’s BCI and PSP Investments.

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Egypt’s TSFE Catalyzes FDI to Boost Development Goals

23rd August, 2021

The Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE) is seeking to channel capital into a range of economic and social development projects, from education to utilities, through public-private-partnerships (PPPs), emulating state-owned investors established in India (NIIF) and Indonesia (INA).

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PNG’s Struggle to Establish SWF Illustrates Challenges Facing Resource-Rich Countries

17th August, 2021

Papua New Guinea’s struggle to start a sovereign wealth fund demonstrates the difficulties facing resource-endowed least developed countries (LDCs) seeking to put their wealth to good use.

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Israel’s SWF: Not Quite There Yet

6th July, 2021

Israel’s plan to launch a sovereign wealth fund – the Israel Citizens’ Fund – this year has been scuppered due to lower-than-expected revenue from tax on excess profits on gas and other natural resources. The Middle Eastern state’s experience underscores the challenges faced by governments seeking to leverage excesses of commodity revenues or foreign exchange reserves to establish an SWF.

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Details of Saudi Arabia's Plans for US$250 billion Social Welfare Giant

22nd June, 2021

Saudi Arabia has made a giant leap in the restructuring of its social insurance and pension system with the announced merger of the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) and the Public Pension Agency (PPA) to form a US$250 billion fund.

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Is Bangladesh’s Infrastructure Fund the Right Answer?

16th April, 2021

Bangladesh is following a growing trend of quasi-SWF infra funds with the launch this week of the Bangladesh Infrastructure Development Fund (BIDF), using a foreign exchange windfall. Yet, the BIDF carries the risk of potentially risky FX reserve depletion and the build-up of a bad loan portfolio that could ultimately undermine its purpose.

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Indonesia's SWF closes first tranche

29th December, 2020

The Nusantara Investment Authority (NIA) may have closed its first fund for investments in domestic infrastructure, from an array of international #SOIs

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