The Last Frontier: Gulf SWFs Compete for African Ports, But China is in Control

20th January, 2022

Oman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are leading the competition to invest in African ports via their sovereign wealth funds as they seek to secure strategic control of resources and trade.

Azerbaijan's SWF Boosted by Pivot to US Equities

19th January, 2022

The surge in oil prices coupled with a bull market in US public equities helped deliver Azerbaijan’s sovereign wealth fund a robust return and a boost to total assets under management in 2021, said Global SWF using the latest data from the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ).

APG Commits US$750mn to Private Credit Aligning with Sustainable Development Goals

18th January, 2022

Dutch public pension fund manager APG’s US$750 million investment in ILX Management’s private credit fund, which is oriented towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrates the weight state-owned investors are giving to private debt in emerging markets – as well as integrating debt exposures with ESG principles.

British Campaigners Call for Norwegian Fund to Take Action Against Grenfell Cladding Scandal

17th January, 2022

Campaigners against dangerous cladding on high-rise residential buildings have appealed to Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), manager of Norway’s US$1.4 trillion sovereign wealth fund, to withdraw GBP5.7 billion (US$7.8 billion) of investments in firms implicated in the manufacture and supply of allegedly hazardous building materials.

Cloud of Political Controversy Looms Large Over Alaska's Sovereign Fund

14th January, 2022

The former chief executive of the US$83 billion Alaska Permanent Fund, Angela Rodell, has delivered a strident criticism of board members who shocked the sovereign investor world by sacking her last month.

What will Singapore’s GIC Do With Its US$137bn Liquidity Injection?

13th January, 2022

Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC will be boosted by around S$185 billion (US$137 billion) following the passing of a law that will lead to a reduction in foreign reserves held by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

What will it Take for Kuwait’s Massive SWF to be 100% ESG Compliant?

12th January, 2022

The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) has set itself a big task: making it 100% compliant with environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

Turkey’s SWF Launches US$250mn Tech Fund

11th January, 2022

The US$39 billion Turkiye Varlik Fonu (Turkey Wealth Fund, TVF) is set to launch a US$250 million technology fund, to bolster Turkey’s evolving tech sector.

External Managers Are the Key to NBIM’s Active Equities, Claim Experts

7th January, 2022

Norges Bank’s external managers are out-classing internal managers in active equities strategies, claims a group of experts commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance.

2022 Kicks Off With the First Big Divestment Announcement: State-Investors Sell LeasePlan to Rival

7th January, 2022

One of the biggest divestments by sovereign investors is set to create a world-leader in global mobility.

ADQ Consolidates Health Assets into Pure Health, UAE's Biggest Healthcare Provider

5th January, 2022

Abu Dhabi’s US$110 billion infrastructure-oriented state-owned investor, ADQ, is launching a healthcare platform – Pure Health – that is set to become the UAE’s biggest healthcare provider.

Korea's NPS Faces Criticism Over, But Fund is Changing

4th January, 2022

Korea’s US$776 billion public pension fund, the National Pension Service (NPS), is falling behind private sector institutional investors in the climate stakes, according to Solutions For Out Climate (SFOC), a Korean non-governmental organization campaigning for climate awareness.

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