Singapore Challenges Hong Kong as Regional Hub for Sovereign Investors

14th July, 2022

The Alberta Investment Management Corp (AIMCo) has chosen Singapore over Hong Kong as its Asian base of operations, following a trend that has seen the sovereign city state preferred over the restive Chinese territory.

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Oman Achieves Double-Digit Return and Plans Divestment to Diversify Economy

13th July, 2022

The Oman Investment Authority (OIA) notched up a 10.3% return in 2021, in a year in which it completed 35 investments in private markets, according to its latest report.

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Temasek Future Proofs for Tough Times Ahead

12th July, 2022

Temasek posted a respectable 5.8% return in a year of immense change for the Singaporean state-owned investor, which saw it recruit a new chief executive, Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara, following 17 years under Ho Ching.

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The $6bn Private Equity Sale: What is CalPERS Up To?

11th July, 2022

The US$456 billion California Public Employees' Retirement System made a dramatic decision this month by selling a huge slice of its private equity portfolio at a discount and cutting ties with external managers, despite its previously stated objective to raise its allocation to the asset class.

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State Investors Wary of Venture Capital Amid Inflation Risks

8th July, 2022

After two years of frenetic activity in venture capital, sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds have stepped on the brakes as the effects of the Ukraine crisis threaten to upset the post-pandemic recovery.

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Abu Dhabi's Powerful Brothers Oversee Sovereign Investor Collaboration with SoftBank Exec

7th July, 2022

The decision of Abu Dhabi sovereign investors Mubadala and ADQ and the Royal Group conglomerate to back SoftBank executive Rajeev Misra's new US$6 billion multi-asset investment fund shines a light on the Emirate's internal dynamics in a post-Khalifa era.

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Giant Russian Sovereign Fund's Highs Hide Soaring Risks

6th July, 2022

Russia’s National Wealth Fund continues to defy past expectations, swelling its assets under management to US$210.6 billion – but it may not be all plain sailing for the hefty stabilization fund.

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India deepens partnership with UAE; Indonesia diversifies with China

6th July, 2022

Hearing about a government fund fundraise capital from other state-owned investors should not be longer a surprise. The “Russian model” (after RDIF) of establishing a public vehicle to catalyze foreign co-investors via partnerships was quickly followed by other European countries (Italy, France, Spain) and is now big in Asia (India, Indonesia).

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GSR Scoreboard 2022 Leader: Canada Pension Plan (CPP Investments)

1st July, 2022

One of the leaders of the year, with a 96% score, was Canada’s largest Public Pension Fund, CPP Investments. We had the great pleasure of speaking with Ed Cass, its SMD and Chief Investment Officer about the GSR scoreboard different elements, the keys for CPP Investments’ success and his future ambitions for the fund.

2022 GSR Scoreboard

1st July, 2022

Global SWF turns four years old today, and we celebrate it with the third edition of our GSR Scoreboard, which assesses the Governance, Sustainability, and Resilience progress by the world’s leading State-Owned Investors.

Mid-Year Update 2022: SWFs back to Mega-Deals?

29th June, 2022

We are almost done with the first half of 2022, and what a ride it has been for Sovereign Investors. Inflation, interest rates, geopolitics, oil prices… The environment in which funds are operating today is very different than the one they were operating in on January 1, when we released our 2022 Annual Report.

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Ethiopia’s EIH onboards 27 assets; Gabon’s FGIS signs up for NZAOA

27th June, 2022

The past few days have been quite eventful for African SWFs. Last week, nine of the most active strategic funds of the continent signed an MoU in Rabat to create the African Sovereign Investment Forum (ASIF).

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