Details of Saudi Arabia's Plans for US$250 billion Social Welfare Giant

22nd June, 2021

Saudi Arabia has made a giant leap in the restructuring of its social insurance and pension system with the announced merger of the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) and the Public Pension Agency (PPA) to form a US$250 billion fund.

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Are State-Owned Investors Shifting Priorities in Real Estate?

21st June, 2021

The pandemic appeared to pour cold water on the premium office and residential market as far as state-owned investors were concerned - but the situation could be shifting.

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PSP Reports Strong Returns as it Evolves its Strategy

17th June, 2021

Canada’s PSP Investments has reported its best performance in a decade with a 18.4% net return for FY2021, ending March 31. Not content in resting on its laurels, the fund is driving forward the evolution of its top-down total portfolio strategy and the development of data analytics to further improve decision-making.

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"UK Offers Big Untapped VC Potential for SWFs" - Global SWF CEO Tells UK Parliament

16th June, 2021

State-owned investors overhauled their approach to investment in the UK due to Brexit and the impact of Covid-19, Global SWF CEO Diego López told the UK’s House of Commons Select Committee on International Trade today.

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Korean Pension Giant Backs Domestic Ride-Hailing Leader

15th June, 2021

Ride hailing apps have generated huge interest among state-owned investors looking for market disruption and the next competitor to Uber. South Korean public pension fund giant the National Pension Service (NPS) has backed domestic ride-hailing firm Kakao Mobility with a US$100 million investment.

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GIC Boosts Digital Economy Revolution with Massive Data Center Investment Drive

14th June, 2021

As the infrastructure of the digital economy, data centers are proving to be high targets for state-owned investors (SOIs). GIC’s announcement that it is extending its joint venture with Equinix has taken its exposure to the sector to another level, with an additional $3.9 billion pledged for the expansion of its xScale data center portfolio.

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Indonesia's INA Set to Back Digital Infra and Tech Unicorns

11th June, 2021

In an unexpected move beyond core infrastructure, the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) is set to strike a deal in digital infrastructure with plans for investment in tech unicorns.

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Khazakstan’s Samruk-Kazyna Prepares for a New Era

10th June, 2021

After replacing its chairman and an array of managers, Kazakhstan’s US$64 billion sovereign wealth fund Samruk-Kazyna is planning for a new era with a schedule of privatizations set to generate dry powder for fresh investments - and new partnerships.

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ADIA and GIC: An Evolving Relationship

9th June, 2021

Co-investments by state-owned investors are common, but Abu Dhabi’s ADIA and Singapore’s GIC seem to enjoy something of a special relationship.

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Saudi's PIF Revamps Organization and Boosts Headcount as it Prepares for Massive Growth

8th June, 2021

Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund PIF has undertaken an organizational revamp and created two new deputy governor positions as it plans for accelerated growth - potentially becoming the world's second biggest sovereign wealth fund within a decade.

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ADIA beefs up its Global Science Lab

7th June, 2021

For the past nine months, ADIA has hired over a dozen of physicians and mathematicians that will be looking at how to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into the fund's investment decision process.

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Russian SWF's Geopolitical Pivot Towards Chinese Yuan Increases Risks

4th June, 2021

Russia’s decision to ditch the US$ from the holdings of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) and switch to other currencies reflects geopolitical dynamics as the Putin administration responds to US-led threats of sanctions – but threatens to expose the portfolio to higher levels of risk.

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