Shift Towards Tech in US Public Equity Portfolios of PIF and Temasek

18th May, 2021

The US public equities strategies of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Singapore's Temasek witnessed some convergence in Q121 with greater exposure to tech-related sectors and away from energy stocks.

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Saudi Aramco's Planned 1% Stake Sale Could Boost Kingdom's SWF

28th April, 2021

The sale of a 1% stake in Saudi oil giant Aramco could see the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund PIF take a slice of the proceeds to fund domestic mega projects.

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Investor Excitement Swirls Around Swiggy in India Tech VC Rush

6th April, 2021

India’s online food retail space is getting hotter and state-owned investors a keen to be immersed in the fray.

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State-Owned Investors PIF, Mubadala and Temasek Tap Debt Markets

10th March, 2021

PIF, Temasek and Mubadala have tapped debt markets to drive their varied growth strategies, whether boosting domestic home ownership or enabling private equity investment. The deals comes amid a slew of bonds by issuers tapping global debt markets at cheap rates as investors utilize high global liquidity in the high for higher-yielding assets.

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PIF Subsidiary Drives Saudi Military Development

22nd February, 2021

With the US's Biden administration imposing an arms trade ban on Saudi Arabia over its intervention in Yemen, the defence industry arm of the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund PIF is pushing ahead with military product development and weapon system projects.

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PIF's US Public Equity Holdings Reach All-Time Highs, But Missed Out on Tesla's Rise

17th February, 2021

Investment in US equities by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) hit an all-time high of US$12.78 billion by end-2020, according to its latest stock exchange filings.

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Mubadala Limbers up to Score a Deal with Italian Football Club

15th February, 2021

The future of Italian football club Inter Milan could be soon be determined by Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala, which is touted by La Repubblica as a front runner for a stake in the Serie A side.

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PIF Invests in Sharia Credit, Signalling a Renewed Thrust into Private Credit

9th February, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s US$400 billion Public Investment Fund became the latest sovereign investor to enter the growing market for direct lending by becoming an anchor investor in a shariah credit fund. It could signal the beginning of a strong thrust into private credit in an effort to stimulate broader lending availability in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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Self-Driving Start-Ups on the Highway to Growth, Fuelled by Sovereign Investor Capital

8th February, 2021

Self-driving car startups are turning to state-owned investors for capital as they drive past unicorn as the pandemic accelerates the adoption of autonomous transportation technologies. Altogether, state-owned investors have deployed more than US$3.5 billion of capital into autonomous transportation solutions, from robotaxis to food delivery.

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PIF, to drive Saudi's development and growth in the next five years

25th January, 2021

MbS unveiled the new Strategy Plan, under which PIF would grow to over USD 1 trillion AuM by 2025.

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Indonesia, A Frontier Ripe for SOI Attention

22nd January, 2021

Indonesia’s plans to encourage FDI in startups through liberalization measures coupled with its new SWF acting as a lightning rod for capital will spur sovereign investor interest in a large swathe of an economy that offers stable growth and huge potential.

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Sovereign Investors Set for Indian IPO Bonanza

13th January, 2021

In 2021, more than 20 companies are planning IPOs to tap capital markets and adventurous sovereign investors are set to be major beneficiaries of the predicted bonanza.

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