Saudi Arabia's Hassana Backs the Rise of Climate Funds

16th May, 2024

TPG Rise Climate vehicle has won another state-owned investor for its carbon-cutting mission with the US$320 billion Saudi public pension fund manager Hassana – part of the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) – making forming a US$1.5 billion partnership, including a “substantial anchor commitment” to the new Transition Infrastructure fund and an allocation to the TPG Rise Climate II fund.

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Fund of the Month (May'24): Seventh AP Fund (AP7)

1st May, 2024

AP7 is the state alternative to the private investment funds offered within the Swedish premium pension system. The fund has been the best performing State-Owned Investor globally in the past decade, and recently announced plans to increase the allocation to alternative asset classes from 4% up to 20% of the portfolio. We had the pleasure of speaking with its CEO, Mr. Pål Bergström, about the fund’s success, strategy, and future objectives.

Private Equity Co-Investment Boosted by US$1bn AP3-Wafra Platform

5th December, 2023

The US$46.5 billion Swedish public pension fund AP3 has followed many other peers in forging an alliance for private equity co-investments, working with Wafra, a New York-based subsidiary of Kuwait’s public pension fund, the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS).

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Movers & Shakers, Summer Edition

11th August, 2023

August is normally a prolific month for appointments and new hires, especially among those funds in the Northern Hemisphere and for those executives with families that need to relocate and find new schools. Here’s an update of what is happening around the human capital of Sovereign Investors:

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Northvolt is Lightning Rod for Battery Investment by Public Pension Funds

20th June, 2023

The Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO) announced today that it is piling US$400 million into Sweden-based Northvolt, joining a raft of other public pension funds including provincial stablemate OMERS that have invested in the battery manufacturing giant.

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Multi-Billion Dollar Climate Funds Pick Up the Pace Thanks to Sovereign Capital

8th June, 2023

A slew of public pension fund giants have swung their weight behind Just Climate’s Climate Assets Fund I (CAF1), which has exceeded its US$1 billion target by 50% and marks the latest of several sovereign-backed billion-plus funds.

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Swedish pension giant Alecta Overhauls Leadership Amid Crisis

14th April, 2023

Sweden’s biggest pension fund manager Alecta has ousted its CEO Magnus Billing following massive losses in high-risk US bank investments.

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Liquid Assets Dragged AP funds in H1, But Do Alternatives Deliver Long-Term Yield?

26th August, 2022

The H1 performance of Sweden’s public pension funds, overseen by AP-Fondon, appeared to confirm what institutional investors have always thought - private markets are a good hedge against public market volatility - but Global SWF research finds that the truth is far more complex.

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The Elephant in the Room - are Sovereign Investors beating the markets?

2nd May, 2022

Comparing returns across State-Owned Investors is never easy and it always takes a lot of assumptions and disclaimers. Yet, most funds have now reported their FY21 results, and we have looked at the average investment returns for the past six years (which we consider a fair investment cycle) across 20 major SWFs and 20 major PPFs in an apples-to-apples analysis.

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Celebrating Female Leaders at Sovereign Investors

8th March, 2022

Today is International Women’s Day and, once again, we have studied in detail the female representation at State-Owned Investors, including SWFs and PPFs. Diversity and inclusion are becoming key parameters in ESG reporting, and funds are putting a lot of effort in recruiting and retaining people of all genders, races and backgrounds. We observe large disparities in the composition of the workforce of the world’s major SOIs

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OMERS Joins SOIs in Backing Indian Renewables, But is India Lagging?

2nd August, 2021

The infrastructure arm of Ontario’s public employees pension fund OMERS has taken a chunk of Indian renewables producer Azure Power, which is majority owned by Québec’s CDPQ. Yet, Global SWF research finds that state-owned investors are increasingly reticent about risks in the Indian renewables market, while at the same time they are being lured to developed markets where opportunities are opening up in energy transition.

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Hot Topic – High ESG standards yield better financial returns for State-Owned Investors

3rd May, 2021

We hereby present the results of a groundbreaking analysis linking the fund's Governance and Sustainability efforts, and their financial performance over the past six years.

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