Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Sovereign Funds Pledge Billions in Strategic Bilateral Deals

20th July, 2023

Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds are fond of multi-billion-dollar bilateral agreements and this week was no exception with Bahrain’s Mumtalakat party to a US$1.3 billion pledge to invest in the UK economy while the UAE’s ADQ has promised to stump up US$11.5 billion to support the Turkish economy.

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Turkish Sovereign Fund Capitalizes Banks Ahead of Elections

3rd April, 2023

Turkiye's sovereign wealth fund has injected TRL111.7 billion (US$5.8 billion) of capital into three state-owned banks - Ziraat, Vakıfbank and Halkbank - ahead of the May elections to boost lending, and generate economic growth.

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Turkey and Russia in Crisis: the Role of SWFs

17th February, 2023

The Turkiye Wealth Fund’s (TVF) decision to prop up domestic public equities following the devastating earthquakes demonstrates the power of sovereign wealth funds in times of crisis, but do such short-term emergency measures compromise a SWF’s long-term mandate to invest for yield and economic development?

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Can Middle Eastern SWFs Fulfil their Multi-Billion Bilateral Deals?

27th May, 2022

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is in competition with its Abu Dhabi peers in headline-grabbing multi-billion bilateral memoranda of understanding. Global SWF assesses whether these agreements worth more than the paper they are written on – and if they are simply part of Middle Eastern states’ exertion of soft power.

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ADQ Strengths Abu Dhabi’s Economic Ties with Egypt and Turkey with Major Commitments

23rd March, 2022

After months of negotiations, Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund ADQ has forged major investment agreements with its counterparts in Egypt and Turkey as the UAE bolsters its regional economic and political might.

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Turkey’s Fund Switches from High Ambitions to Crisis Management and Nationalization

10th March, 2022

With markets in turmoil, the Turkey Wealth Fund (TVF) has seen its total assets under management plunge to US$22 billion according to Global SWF estimates – nearly half the value it started with six years ago – and the fund is stepping in to resolve the massive challenges facing Turkey in an era of multiple global crises.

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Sovereign Funds Cement Renewed UAE-Turkey Ties

25th November, 2021

Diplomatic rapprochement between the UAE and Turkey was sealed this week with a series of agreements between the two countries’ sovereign wealth funds and portfolio companies.

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Abu Dhabi Inc Probes Turkey's Potential

25th September, 2021

Abu Dhabi Inc is taking a big interest in Turkey with plans for “billions of dollars” of investment in the country by the Emirate’s sovereign wealth funds.

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