Fund of the Month (Sept'21): Alaska PFC

1st September, 2021

On August 3, Alaska PFC reported its best annual performance ever, with a 29.7% return, and an all-time peak AuM of US$ 81.1 billion. A month before that, it had unveiled its strategy up to June 2025, when it expects private markets to rise to 40% of its portfolio. We had the immense pleasure of talking with Ms. Angela Rodell, who on October 1 will stand as the world’s only female CEO of a SWF.

World’s Biggest SWF Seeks To Shore Up Its Climate Credentials, But Could Do More

12th August, 2021

Climate risk is a top priority for Norges Bank (NBIM), the manager of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund, the US$1.38 trillion Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). While NBIM has made significant efforts to slash its carbon footprint, it still has a further journey to make even to match some of its peers – and the slow pace of transition is denying GPFG potential growth.

Fund of the Month (Aug'21): NSIA

1st August, 2021

Last June was the 10th anniversary of the Establishment Act of the Nigeria’s NSIA, a multi-billion, multi-mission fund that has rapidly emerged as a role model for SWFs and Governments across the continent. In our 2021 GSR Scoreboard, the fund scored 100% in Governance and Resilience. We had the immense privilege to talk with Mr. Uche Orji, NSIA‘s CEO since 2012, about the fund’s success factors and future plans.

Governance and Resilience remain key issues for African SWFs

29th July, 2021

The African continent is vast in size, diversity and wealth - and its SWFs need specific guidance on governance and resilience. Today, its wealth of US$ 97.9 billion is managed by 30 SWFs or sub-funds: 9 stabilization, 9 savings and 12 strategic funds. This capital is unevenly distributed, with significant differences between the North and the South of the Sahara desert.

CalPERS Return Narrowly Misses Benchmark, Fails to Fill CIO and Faces LT Funding Concerns

16th July, 2021

The US$473 billion pension fund CalPERS earned a net return of 21.3% in the latest fiscal year ending June 30, narrowly missing its benchmark return by 40 basis points.

2021 GSR Scoreboard

2nd July, 2021

We are pleased to present the results of the 2021 edition of our GSR Scoreboard, which has become a critical tool of analysis of Sovereign Investors’ Governance, Sustainability and Resilience efforts.

Fund of the Month (Jul'21) and GSR Scoreboard Leader: Future Fund

1st July, 2021

For second year in a row, the Future Fund is the only State-Owned Investor to achieve a perfect score (25 of 25 elements) in our GSR Scoreboard. The Australian investor has performed well in both rising and falling markets for the past 15 years, while pursuing excellence in transparency, responsible investing, and resilience.

ABP's Failure to Switch from Fossil Fuels to Green Investments has Hit Returns - Global SWF Research

25th June, 2021

Dutch fund manager APG, which oversees the US$606 billion ABP civil service pension fund, has paid a heavy opportunity cost by maintaining exposures to fossil fuels instead diverting capital into green energy, according to research by Global SWF commissioned by Dutch environmental campaign group Fossielvrij.

Fund of the Month (Jun'21): Bpifrance

1st June, 2021

We had the pleasure of catching up with Mr. Pascal Lagarde, Bpifrance's Executive Director of International, Strategy, Studies & Development.

Hot Topic – High ESG standards yield better financial returns for State-Owned Investors

3rd May, 2021

We hereby present the results of a groundbreaking analysis linking the fund's Governance and Sustainability efforts, and their financial performance over the past six years.

Dark Horse HOOPP becomes Ontario’s Crown Jewel

5th April, 2021

HOOPP published its 2020 annual results, confirming it has become one of the world's best performing funds in the past six years

Fund of the Month (Mar'21): FAP

1st March, 2021

During the second half of 2020, FAP suffered the first two withdrawals in its short history, for US$ 105 million, i.e., an 8% of its AuM, to help support Panama’s recovery. At the same time, the fund managed to record its second highest return, to start investing in private capital, and to become a signatory member of the UN’s PRI. We had the pleasure to catch up with Mr. Abdiel Santiago, its CEO & CIO, who has led FAP for the past 7 years and is highly respected in the international investor community.

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