Fund of the Month (Dec'23): Indonesia Investment Authority (INA)

1st December, 2023

The Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) may be still young, but it is making strides in the SWF world with a rising AuM and a busy investment activity in Indonesia’s most important industries. We had the great pleasure of speaking with the inaugural Chief Risk Officer of the fund, Ms. Marita Alisjahbana, about the fund’s current state of play and future strategy.

Fund of the Month (Nov'23): Public Officials Benefit Association (POBA)

1st November, 2023

Among S. Korean pension funds, the Public Officials Benefit Association (POBA) is known for having modernized its approach to asset allocation and for having boosted AuM and returns in the past few years. We had the great pleasure of speaking with the engineer of such change as the fund’s CIO between 2016 and 2022, Mr. Dong Hun Jang, about the country’s pension system, the fund’s history, and the changes he pushed for during his tenure.

Fund of the Month (Oct'23): Fórum de Fundos Soberanos Brasileiros (FFSB)

1st October, 2023

The most active Latin American country in terms of new SWFs is Brazil, where several cities and states have set up their own savings vehicles, under the umbrella of FFSB. We were delighted to catch up with Dr. Fernanda Feil and Mr. Leandro Ferreira, Co-Directors of the Forum.

Fund of the Month (Sep'23): British Columbia Investment MC (BCI)

1st September, 2023

One of the most active Canadian funds this year so far has been BCI, with several high-profile investments and the expansion of its New York and London offices. In addition, the British Columbia fund was one of the top scorers of our GSR scoreboard, with 96%. We had the great pleasure of speaking with Gordon J. Fyfe, CEO & CIO, about BCI’s latest developments.

Fund of the Month (Aug'23): Fonds Souverain de Djibouti (FSD)

1st August, 2023

Among the newest sovereign wealth funds in Africa, the Fonds Souverain de Djibouti (FSD) can be considered a hidden gem. The fund was established in 2020 to help improve governance and catalyze investments in strategic sectors to build long-term wealth for future generations. We had the great pleasure of speaking with its CEO, Mr. Slim Feriani, about the fund’s history, current status and developments, and future plans.

GSR Scoreboard 2023 Leader: Temasek

1st July, 2023

The leader of this year’s assessment is Temasek Holdings. For the past three years, the Singaporean State-Owned Investor has consistently ranked among those with best practices globally, and this year it scored 100% of the GSR elements with its website providing more clarity around its organizational structure.

Fund of the Month (Jun'23): Mauritius Investment Corporation (MIC)

1st June, 2023

If we talk about emerging SWFs with a specific focus, we need to talk about MIC, which was established in June 2020 to support and accelerate the economic development of Mauritius, grow national wealth, and build the country’s long-term economic resilience. We had the great pleasure of speaking with CEO Jitendra Bissessur about the fund’s origins and plans.

Fund of the Month (May'23): Thailand's Government Pension Fund (GPF)

1st May, 2023

In our April newsletter, we looked at female leadership at State Investors. Only two Asian funds are led by women today: KWAP and GPF. We had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Srikanya Yathip, the Secretary General of Thailand’s GPF, which has been evolving and growing very rapidly and could become a significant investor at global scale in the next few years.

Fund of the Month (Apr'23): Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO)

1st April, 2023

Ontario is home to several world-class pension managers, including IMCO. The fund was established in 2016 to add value to public-sector clients of the Canadian province and is now the largest manager outside the “Maple 8”. We caught up with Rossitsa Stoyanova, one of the few female CIOs of a Sovereign Investor, about IMCO’s ambitions and about female leadership.

Fund of the Month (Mar'23): The Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE)

1st March, 2023

Since its establishment in 2018, TSFE has become a trailblazer and a model for strategic funds in Africa and beyond. After establishing dedicated subsidiaries, the Egyptian fund has been busy investing in domestic assets and attracting foreign investors, all of it with a Sustainability angle. We were delighted to hear more about the fund’s plans from its CEO Ayman Soliman.

Fund of the Month (Feb'23): Kosovo's SFRK

1st February, 2023

In the context of a highly divided and disrupted Europe, Kosovo continues to fight for its recognition as an independent country. With a GDP of c. US$ 10 billion and an active public sector, the Government has set up a working group for the establishment of a sovereign fund before 2025. We talked with Emanuel Bajra about the working group and rationale for a SWF.

Fund of the Year (Jan'23): CDPQ

1st January, 2023

For its impact in the development of Québec, for its leadership among sovereign investors and public investors worldwide, for its significant investment activity during 2022, and, more broadly, for its contribution to the advancement of the industry, Global SWF believes that Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) is a worthy recipient of the 2022 Fund of the Year award. We were delighted to present the award to Charles Emond, its Chief Executive Officer, and to speak with him about the fund’s recent evolution and ambitions.

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