As Political Disputes Swirl, KIA Could be the Focus of Kuwaiti Government Shake-Up

7th September, 2021

Political disputes continue to surround the Kuwait Investment Authority’s (KIA) US$693 billion store of sovereign wealth as the government continues to face fiscal woes arising from lower oil prices and the impact of the pandemic and political pressure to tap funds to bridge deficits.

Israel’s SWF: Not Quite There Yet

6th July, 2021

Israel’s plan to launch a sovereign wealth fund – the Israel Citizens’ Fund – this year has been scuppered due to lower-than-expected revenue from tax on excess profits on gas and other natural resources. The Middle Eastern state’s experience underscores the challenges faced by governments seeking to leverage excesses of commodity revenues or foreign exchange reserves to establish an SWF.

KIA: Growing Despite Politics

3rd July, 2021

The world’s oldest sovereign wealth fund Kuwait Investment Authority’s total assets have ballooned to US$670 billion marking a gain of 33%, according to Bloomberg’s sources.

Russian SWF's Geopolitical Pivot Towards Chinese Yuan Increases Risks

4th June, 2021

Russia’s decision to ditch the US$ from the holdings of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) and switch to other currencies reflects geopolitical dynamics as the Putin administration responds to US-led threats of sanctions – but threatens to expose the portfolio to higher levels of risk.

Israel: NBIM's Exclusions Dwarfed by Influx of UAE and Singaporean Capital

20th May, 2021

Foreign policy concerns are influencing state-owned investors’ approach to investing in Israel, with Arab rapprochement with this advanced economy contrasting with growing European caution about human rights.

State-Owned Investors Face Growing Political Risk in Brazil

27th April, 2021

State-Owned Investors are being challenged over their role in buying up assets sold off by Brazil’s Bolsonaro administration amid mounting social and governance concerns and political polarization.

Mubadala Plans Investment in Strategic Israeli Gas Field Following Peace Deal

26th April, 2021

The Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, brokered by President Trump in September 2020, is opening new avenues for Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala to invest in Israel.

Myanmar Crisis Could Set the Bar for ESG Policies

12th April, 2021

State-owned investors' push for divestment from Myanmar over human rights abuses by the military junta could set the bar for ESG policies towards other markets in the future.

Insurgency is not the Only Risk for Mozambique's LNG-Fuelled SWF Ambition

29th March, 2021

The attack on Palma in northern Mozambique last week killed dozens and delivered a blow to the country’s plans to develop its gas reserves, which are central to the government’s plans for a sovereign wealth fund.

PIF Subsidiary Drives Saudi Military Development

22nd February, 2021

With the US's Biden administration imposing an arms trade ban on Saudi Arabia over its intervention in Yemen, the defence industry arm of the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund PIF is pushing ahead with military product development and weapon system projects.

Kuwaiti Government's Cash Crunch Puts Spotlight on KIA

3rd February, 2021

The Kuwaiti government has sold its last performing assets to the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) in a bid to bridge its yawning budget deficit as it struggles to pay its bills, but the ongoing fiscal problems and political resistance from parliament pose a challenge to the KIA's future.

Biden's Push for Renewables Aligns with SOI Strategies

22nd January, 2021

A slew of executive orders passed by Joe Biden in the wake of his inauguration will shift the investment climate for state-owned investors with a greater emphasis on sustainability.

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