Khazanah, ADIA, EPF and GIP Set to Take Over Malaysian Airports at US$3.9bn Valuation Amid Recovery

15th May, 2024

Malaysia Airports (MAHB) is set to be taken over by an alliance of Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund Khazanah and its public pension fund the Employees Provident Fund along with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP).

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Sarawak SWF Set to Secure Oil-Rich Malaysian State's Future

18th March, 2024

The eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak’s sovereign wealth fund has appointed its first CEO as it embarks on its mission to build long-term savings for the resource-rich state.

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Khazanah Profits Boosted by Malaysian Airlines Rebound

11th March, 2024

As it approaches its 30th anniversary, Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund, Khazanah, tripled its profit to MYR5.9 billion (US$1.26 billion) in 2023, boosted by dividends from its portfolio companies, with MYR1 billion passed on to the government.

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Malaysia’s Khazanah Consolidates Government's VC Push

16th October, 2023

Malaysia’s 2024 Budget has handed to Khazanah the government’s venture capital agencies Penjana Kapital and Malaysia Venture Capital Management (MAVCAP) in a bid to nurture the country’s startup ecosystem, in a further evolution of the sovereign wealth fund’s mandate.

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OMERS Ventures walks out of London, too

9th August, 2023

OMERS Ventures, the Venture Capital arm of the Ontario public pension fund, announced on Wednesday that it is closing its London program. Of the team members based in the City, managing partners Jambu Palaniappan, Harry Briggs and an associate are reportedly leaving the firm, while managing partner Henry Gladwyn and another associate will relocate to New York to kick off the new team there.

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Khazanah Boosts Profits, But Still Faces Headwinds and Further Restructuring

21st March, 2023

Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah attained a MYR1.6 billion (US$360 million) operational profit in 2022, but its net asset value fell 5% to MYR81 billion due to global economic headwinds.

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Will Saudi's Sovereign Wealth Fund Take Control of Healthcare?

25th August, 2022

Saudi Arabia’s creation of a new Health Holding Company (HHC) raises the prospect that its sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), will follow Abu Dhabi’s ADQ in taking control of local health services both as a strategic concern and as a commercial enterprise.

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Khazanah Consolidates Funds, But Aviation is Still Caught in a Tail Spin

17th March, 2022

Malaysian sovereign investor Khazanah’s decision to merge its commercial and strategic funds is set to boost the performance of its investment portfolio – but while separating them from the negative effects of distressed assets such as Malaysian Airlines, it is kicking the can down the road in terms of the continued high risk exposures from the troubled aviation sector.

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On 1MDB, Goldman and how SWFs can go all wrong

18th February, 2022

This week in the federal courts of Brooklyn, former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng is facing as many as 30 years in prison for allegedly helping 1MDB to embezzle billions of Malaysian public funds. Tim Leissner, his former boss at the bank, testified yesterday to confirm that “greed and ambition” drove their involvement in the bribery and money laundering scheme. Goldman has already paid US$ 2.8 billion in fines.

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State-Owned Investors Boost Indian E-commerce Leader Flipkart in Multi-Billion Funding Round

12th July, 2021

One of India’s leading e-commerce companies Flipkart has raised US$3.6 billion in a funding round that has attracted the support of an array of state-owned investors, demonstrating the enduring attraction of the country’s digital economy despite a sluggish recovery in household consumption.

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Pandemic Boosted SWF Domestic Investment

23rd June, 2021

Sovereign wealth funds ramped up investment in their local economies in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Global SWF research has found.

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Erdogan shakes TWF's top, once again

9th March, 2021

Zafer Sönmez, the CEO of the Turkey Wealth Fund, was abruptly replaced today, 3.5 years after he took office.

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