Turkey and Russia in Crisis: the Role of SWFs

17th February, 2023

The Turkiye Wealth Fund’s (TVF) decision to prop up domestic public equities following the devastating earthquakes demonstrates the power of sovereign wealth funds in times of crisis, but do such short-term emergency measures compromise a SWF’s long-term mandate to invest for yield and economic development?

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Temasek Restructures its US Public Equities Portfolio, Down US$10.6bn in 2022

16th February, 2023

Temasek’s US equity holdings grew 2.1% to US$17.1 billion in Q4 2022, but down US$10.6 billion or 38% on end-2021 due to a combination of slumping stock prices and significant adjustments in a portfolio that had been relatively static.

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PIF Has Already Recovered Q4 Losses in US Listed Equities

15th February, 2023

The slump in the value of electric carmaker Lucid caused a 16% q-o-q fall in the value of the Public Investment Fund’s (PIF) US equity portfolio to US$30.9 billion, but Global SWF’s estimates indicate a rapid turn in fortunes in the past six weeks with the reversal of Q4 losses.

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GIC Follows Trend of Wariness Towards China, Western Markets Benefit

14th February, 2023

Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC has denied the Financial Times’ report that it has “put the brakes on private investments in China” – yet Global SWF data shows a massive tilt away from China and towards the USA, UK and Australia.

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CDPQ and Temasek Real Estate Subsidiaries Forge India's Biggest Office Platform

13th February, 2023

A INR150 billion (US$1.8 billion) tech-focused Indian real estate platform represents formed by Ivanhoé Cambridge – the real estate arm of Canadian pension fund CDPQ – and Singaporean state owned investor Temasek’s Mapletree represents a landmark leap forward in foreign real estate investment in India.

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Canadian Fund Plans UK and EU infrastructure Push from a New London Base

10th February, 2023

The US$157 billion British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) has chosen London as its first base of operations outside North America in a bid to ramp up its infrastructure acquisitions in the UK and the EU.

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Private Markets and US$ Strength Supports SWF Returns

8th February, 2023

The first flurry of full-year returns results for sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds shows a large spread of results, but is broadly in line with year-end estimates in Global SWF’s 2023 Annual Report.

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CDPQ Affirms Leading Role in Canadian Infra with Road Concession

7th February, 2023

One of Canada’s biggest public pension funds, Québec’s CDPQ, has added a 50% stake in a Montréal road and bridge concession to its growing portfolio of domestic, province-oriented real assets, affirming its leading role in the country’s infrastructure space.

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GIC Ramps Up Aggressive Push into British Real Estate

6th February, 2023

The London office real estate market is increasingly attractive as prices drop and the pound sterling remains weak by historical standards.

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While Canada Freezes, Singapore Heats Up Its China Interest

3rd February, 2023

The opening up of the Chinese economy from severe Covid restrictions along with interventions in so-called “Big Tech” is set to re-engage Singaporean capital, even though Western funds remain reticent.

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Saudi Fund Joins the Agtech Farming Revolution

2nd February, 2023

In an era of climate change, pressures on water resources and a burgeoning global population reaching 10 billion, indoor vertical farming is emerging to overcome the challenges and address growing food demand.

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Fund of the Month (Feb'23): Sovereign Fund of the Republic of Kosovo (SFRK)

1st February, 2023

In the context of a highly divided and disrupted Europe, Kosovo continues to fight for its recognition as an independent country. With a GDP of c. US$ 10 billion and an active public sector, the Government has set up a working group for the establishment of a sovereign fund before 2025. We talked with Emanuel Bajra about the working group and rationale for a SWF.

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