CPP Joins Ground-Breaking Kuwaiti-Managed Private Equity Platform

13th October, 2022

Capital Constellation, managed by Kuwait’s Wafra, has won a new partner in Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP), which joins an array of state-owned investors backing the private equity platform.

The Green March of India’s Billionaires: Sovereign Funds Join the Parade

12th October, 2022

With favorable long-term development objectives, ESG opportunities and rapid demographic and consumer change, Indian infrastructure investment has attracted sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds over recent years.

PIF is a Top-Scorer One Year on From Newcastle Take-Over

11th October, 2022

It is the first anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s (PIF) takeover of Newcastle United FC in a GBP300 million and it is planning to turn it into a GBP3 billion super-club.

KIC Presses Ahead with its ESG Ambitions

10th October, 2022

South Korea’s US$205 billion sovereign wealth fund, the Korea Investment Corporation (KIC), is set to take up membership of the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), joining the world's largest responsible investment consultative body on ESG investment.

A glimpse into best practices in Sovereign Wealth Management: the case of FAP

7th October, 2022

Last September 30 we had the privilege of participating in an offsite meeting of the Board of Directors of the Panama Savings Fund (FAP), along with leading economists and representatives of the World Bank.

Oil Revenue Liquidity Boost for GCC Stock Markets Lifts Gulf Funds

6th October, 2022

While global stock markets are in the doldrums, the energy price hike has fuelled growth in the oil-backed economies in the Arabian Gulf – with sovereign wealth funds receiving a boost in performance.

Waiting for the Bubble to Burst? Funds Prepare to Pour Billions into Asian Real Estate

5th October, 2022

Sovereign wealth and public pension funds are limbering up for a race for Asian real estate acquisitions, but are biding their time in anticipation of snapping up bargains amid signs of a market downturn.

QIA Joins the Big Ticket League of Investors in 2022

4th October, 2022

The decision by the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) to invest EUR2.4 billion in RWE to support its accelerated ‘Growing Green’ strategy represents one of the 30 biggest ever investments by state-owned investors.

PIF's Big Performance Disclosure Highlights Global Investment Push

3rd October, 2022

A prospectus for a green bond sale has delivered the biggest insight into Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing Public Investment Fund (PIF), in a region renowned for the opacity of its sovereign wealth funds.

Fund of the Month (Oct'22): AustralianSuper

1st October, 2022

AustralianSuper has become one of the world’s largest public pension funds, and has grown its overseas footprint significantly in the past few months, including its London and New York offices, which it expects to grow to 250 staff. We had the great pleasure of speaking with Damian Moloney, Head of Investments, International, about the activities and prospects of the fund.

Indonesia's Sovereign Fund Reaches US$20bn in Co-Investments

29th September, 2022

Indonesia's sovereign wealth fund, the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA), has raised more than US$20 billion of co-investments from other parties, according to Reuters.

Abu Dhabi’s ADQ seeks Strategic Position in Oman’s Economy

28th September, 2022

Abu Dhabi’s US$110 billion state-owned investor ADQ is seizing opportunities in Oman worth over US$8 billion and bolstering bilateral economic and political relations, in partnership with the local US$29 billion sovereign wealth fund Oman Investment Authority (OIA).

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