Qatar's QIA Could Back Ambani's Retail Empire in India

27th July, 2023

Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund could soon be joining its Abu Dhabi (ADIA and Mubadala), Saudi (Public Investment Fund (PIF)), and Singapore (GIC) peers as well as private equity giants KKR and General Atlantic with a potential investment in Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd (RRVL), the retail arm of the massive Reliance Industries conglomerate, according to the Financial Times.

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GIC’s FY22/23 return estimated at -8.1%, new AuM at US$ 769 billion

26th July, 2023

GIC issued its annual report on Wednesday, and it had plenty of information – except for, of course, its one-year single return, and its assets under management (AuM), which continues to argue would be against Singapore’s national interest. However, Global SWF maintains a dynamic and proprietary model that singles out the returns and considers the inflows and outflows to determine its AuM annually.

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Pakistan Seeks to Solve Fiscal Crisis with a New SWF

25th July, 2023

Pakistan is planning to join the growing list of emerging markets developing new strategic sovereign wealth funds with at least seven state assets worth at least PKR2.3 trillion (US$8 billion) set to be transferred to the new organization.

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PIF Aims for Saudi Agricultural Leap

24th July, 2023

Global warming and related water scarcity are raising fears of rising food scarcity among populations already living on the edge, yet the arid desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia is plotting a path towards greater food self-sufficiency and cash crop production led by its burgeoning sovereign wealth fund.

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Civil Servant Pensions: Californian and Japanese Funds Struggle to Meet Long-Term Liabilities

21st July, 2023

While private equity has taken a pummeling recently, the long-term performance of two civil servant pension funds at the opposite sides of the world indicates that the asset class - along with real estate, infrastructure and private credit - will remain crucial to covering long-term pension liabilities.

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Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Sovereign Funds Pledge Billions in Strategic Bilateral Deals

20th July, 2023

Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds are fond of multi-billion-dollar bilateral agreements and this week was no exception with Bahrain’s Mumtalakat party to a US$1.3 billion pledge to invest in the UK economy while the UAE’s ADQ has promised to stump up US$11.5 billion to support the Turkish economy.

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ADIA Follows GIC in Japanese Hotel Buy-Outs

19th July, 2023

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) has teamed up with Singapore-based real estate investor SC Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs Asset Management to acquire a portfolio of 27 Japanese hotels from Daiwa House Industry for US$900 million.

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Temasek Shifts to India with US$10bn Investment Pledge

18th July, 2023

India is in the sights of US$288 billion Singaporean state-owned investor Temasek which will pour US$10 billion into the world’s most populous country over the next three years, according to Ravi Lambah, its head of India.

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Kuwait Plans New SWF to Boost Economic Diversification Amid Political Turbulence

17th July, 2023

Kuwait announced it is launching a new sovereign wealth fund with a strategic domestic economic development mandate, just days after the Minister of Finance quit his post after control of the country’s existing SWF – the US$801 billion Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) – was transferred to another ministry.

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Korean State-Owned Investors Lifted by Public Markets, But Plan for More Private Equity

14th July, 2023

With combined assets under management of US$1.45 trillion, South Korea’s state-owned investors – comprised of one sovereign wealth fund and six public pension funds – are major players in global markets, and their evolving strategies are set to have a significant impact on investment flows, with alternative asset classes set to be the main winners.

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Japan’s GPIF Breaks JPY200trn, Prepares to Pile into PE, RE and Infra

13th July, 2023

Japan’s JPY200.1 trillion (US$1.45 trillion) Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) continued to weather geopolitical turmoil and a high inflation environment, notching up a 1.5% return for FY2022 (to end-March 2023) from a highly liquid portfolio that was boosted by strong performance in domestic public equity.

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PIF's MENA Holdings Surge as it Soars Towards US$2 trillion AUM

12th July, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) reported a US$11 billion loss for 2022 as global markets tanked, but its annual accounts filed this week with the London Stock Exchange show it has ramped up its Middle East holdings by a staggering US$94 billion to US$175 billion (up 166%) in just two years as it seeks to become a regional investor heavyweight.

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