Sarawak SWF Set to Secure Oil-Rich Malaysian State's Future

18th March, 2024

The eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak’s sovereign wealth fund has appointed its first CEO as it embarks on its mission to build long-term savings for the resource-rich state.

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New Sovereign Fund FOCO Focuses FDI on Spain

8th February, 2024

A new EUR2 billion fund launched by Spain’s Compañía Española de Financiación del Desarrollo (Cofides) has been launched to catalyze foreign capital.

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Sovereign Wealth Universe Expands, Ireland and Portugal Add to Rising Number of Funds

12th October, 2023

The sovereign wealth universe continues its steady expansion with Ireland and Portugal launching new funds this week, funded with budget surpluses – a rarity in Europe and unthinkable in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis when the two countries were plunged into financial distress.

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Governance Fears Erupt Over New Zimbabwean Sovereign Fund

3rd October, 2023

Renamed the Mutapa Investment Fund after the vast kingdom that covered modern Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s sovereign wealth fund is expanding rapidly raising concerns that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is building an empire beyond the remit of the constitution.

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Fund of the Month (Oct'23): Fórum de Fundos Soberanos Brasileiros (FFSB)

1st October, 2023

The most active Latin American country in terms of new SWFs is Brazil, where several cities and states have set up their own savings vehicles, under the umbrella of FFSB. We were delighted to catch up with Dr. Fernanda Feil and Mr. Leandro Ferreira, Co-Directors of the Forum.

London is the Top Destination for State-Owned Investors

26th September, 2023

Australia’s US$106 billion Aware Super fund has started recruiting for its planned new London office, hot on the heels of Canada’s Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan’s (HOOPP) announcement that it is opening an office in the British capital as part of its plan to diversify its geographical exposure and expand its holdings in alternatives.

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New SWFs Learn to Crawl, At Difference Speeds

20th September, 2023

Global SWF examines the recent developments relating to new sovereign wealth funds in Hong Kong, Israel, Pakistan and the Philippines.

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Mozambique Seeks to Relaunch Plan for Multi-Billion Gas-Backed Sovereign Fund

31st July, 2023

Mozambique is set to relaunch its plans for a sovereign wealth fund funded by LNG exports, which stalled in recent years amid instability in the country’s gas-rich north.

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Pakistan Seeks to Solve Fiscal Crisis with a New SWF

25th July, 2023

Pakistan is planning to join the growing list of emerging markets developing new strategic sovereign wealth funds with at least seven state assets worth at least PKR2.3 trillion (US$8 billion) set to be transferred to the new organization.

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Kuwait Plans New SWF to Boost Economic Diversification Amid Political Turbulence

17th July, 2023

Kuwait announced it is launching a new sovereign wealth fund with a strategic domestic economic development mandate, just days after the Minister of Finance quit his post after control of the country’s existing SWF – the US$801 billion Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) – was transferred to another ministry.

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Hong Kong Prepares to Appoint CEO of Its New SWF

13th June, 2023

Today marks the closing date for applications for the position of CEO of Hong Kong’s new sovereign wealth fund, the Hong Kong Investment Corporation (HKIC), which consolidates various investment vehicles established by the special administration region’s central bank, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).

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Governments Set to Chart Choppy Economic Waters with New SWFs

2nd June, 2023

Recent weeks saw a surge of proposals for new sovereign wealth funds – some in countries that already host established SWFs – as governments look to strategic development and fiscal stabilization in a turbulent and uncertain era.

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