Governments Set to Chart Choppy Economic Waters with New SWFs

2nd June, 2023

Recent weeks saw a surge of proposals for new sovereign wealth funds – some in countries that already host established SWFs – as governments look to strategic development and fiscal stabilization in a turbulent and uncertain era.

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Fast-Tracked Philippines Sovereign Wealth Fund Faces Opposition

26th May, 2023

The fast-tracking of a controversial measure for the creation of a Philippine sovereign wealth fund faces stiff opposition from critics who questioned where the fund’s seed capital will come from. 

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Jury is Still Out on UK Future Fund Success, While a British SWF Remains Elusive

18th May, 2023

Britain’s “Future Fund”, overseen by the state-owned British Business Bank (BBB), is completing its third year of operations this week having delivered GBP1.14 billion of investment in startups during the pandemic – yet performance is mixed, criticism is fierce, and the possibility of a fully-fledged UK sovereign wealth fund remains dim.

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Taiwan’s Central Bank Resists Forex-Funded SWF

12th May, 2023

Governments favor sovereign wealth funds as vehicles that can put cash to good use, whether for fiscal stabilization, inter-generational savings and strategic economic development – but Taiwan’s central bank has lodged its objection to Taipei’s plans for a fund that could utilize foreign exchange reserves.

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Global SWF participates in the launch of Kosovo SWF

8th May, 2023

Last Sunday, May 7, the Republic of Kosovo officially established its very own Sovereign Wealth Fund. The launch ceremony took place in Pristina with Prime Minister Albin Kurti acting as keynote speaker, and Germany’s independent foundation Friedrich Ebert Stifung (FES) acting as co-host of the event.

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Israel’s New SWF Struggles to Meet AUM Target, But Reports Strong Yield

5th April, 2023

Seven months after it was launched, the Israel Citizens' Fund (ICF) accumulated just US$617 million by end-2022, according to the Ministry of Finance.

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New Sovereign Wealth Fund for Philippines Faces Resistance

24th January, 2023

The Philippines’ new Maharlika Investment Fund faces a legal challenge from the country’s political opposition for “sequestering” dividends from state companies.

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Australia Presses Forward with Super Fund Consolidation

5th December, 2022

Australian super fund HESTA has boosted its AUM to nearly A$70 billion (US$57 billion) with more than 970,000 members following its merger with the smaller, 60-year-old Brisbane-based Mercy Super fund, which has 13,000 members.

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The Birth and Rebirth of SWFs: Philippines, PNG and Algeria Make Strides

28th November, 2022

In a volatile post-pandemic world, many governments in the Global South are looking to start – or restart – sovereign wealth funds, either to aid strategic economic development or for fiscal stabilization.

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Lagos Joins a Surge of New Sub-National SWFs

17th October, 2022

Nigeria’s financial heart, Lagos, is launching a sovereign wealth fund of its own – the Lagos State Wealth Fund – representing the latest in a surge new sub-national SWFs, from Brazil to Malaysia.

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Israel Finally Launches Sovereign Fund from Gas Windfall Profits

31st May, 2022

Israel’s plan to launch a sovereign wealth fund – the Israel Citizens’ Fund (ICF) – is finally going ahead on Wednesday (June 1st) after years of delays and reduced expectations.

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Namibia Launches Commodity-Backed Fund

12th May, 2022

Africa saw the launch of its latest sovereign wealth fund in the form of Nambia’s more conventional commodity-backed Welwitschia Fund.

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