Western State Investors "de-China-ize", but Singapore and Middle East Funds Press Further in China

7th September, 2023

 The world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund, Norges Bank (NBIM), announced today that it had shut its Shanghai office after 16 years of operation, although it insists the decision was “operational” and it would continue to invest both directly and via funds and Singapore would be used as its hub for the region.

State Investors Radically Pare Back Chinese Equity Positions Due to Risk Concerns

20th April, 2023

State-owned investors (SOIs) are dumping their Shanghai-listed A-Shares and rapidly reducing their exposure to Chinese public markets amid rising geopolitical risks and market uncertainty.

GIC Follows Trend of Wariness Towards China, Western Markets Benefit

14th February, 2023

Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC has denied the Financial Times’ report that it has “put the brakes on private investments in China” – yet Global SWF data shows a massive tilt away from China and towards the USA, UK and Australia.

While Canada Freezes, Singapore Heats Up Its China Interest

3rd February, 2023

The opening up of the Chinese economy from severe Covid restrictions along with interventions in so-called “Big Tech” is set to re-engage Singaporean capital, even though Western funds remain reticent.

China's Lockdown Easing Set to Revive SWF Activity - and Potential New Overseas Offices

9th January, 2023

China’s removal of quarantine requirements for inbound travelers has signalled that borders are reopened after three years of strict pandemic-related travel restrictions.

Taiwan’s Stabilization Fund gets to work as Uncertainty Reigns

3rd August, 2022

This is an eventful week for the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan, and Asian stock markets are not reacting well to the added geopolitical tensions after the visit of US’ House of Representative Speaker to the island. The main index for companies traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, TAIEX, has lost -1.3% this week, and is down -19.1% this year so far, the second largest loss among the world’s major stock indexes, only behind Nasdaq.

Sovereign Investors Make a Tactical Movement on Chinese Stocks

15th June, 2022

Latest data gathered by Global SWF shows that most state-owned investors (SOIs) pivoted away from China in their public equity strategies.

China’s external assets near US$ 10 trillion

10th June, 2022

Last week, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, widely known as SAFE, released the latest data on China’s international investment position. SAFE functions as a bureau with vice-ministerial rank under the Central Bank, the People's Bank of China (PBOC), and manages the country’s foreign reserves among other external assets.

Sovereign Funds Look to Lucrative Exits from Emerging Market E-Commerce

18th March, 2022

Sovereign funds are key investors in the digitalization of emerging market economies, with e-commerce becoming a prime target for venture capital sprees in recent years.

Middle East SWFs Ramp Up Chinese Equities, Canadian PPFs Cut Back

23rd November, 2021

Latest data on Chinese A-shareholdings show that the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds are moving in radically different directions as their emerging market equities strategies diverge.

PIF Prepares for Surge into Chinese Stocks with QFII Application, but Risks are High

3rd November, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s US$430 billion Public Investment Fund (PIF) is hoping to ramp up its exposure to Chinese public equity with reports in the Chinese press today that it has applied to become a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII) – a status that enables direct access to trade “A-shares” of Chinese stocks, denominated in China’s renminbi/yuan (RMB), on Chinese stock exchanges.

Stock Wars: Sovereign Investors Favour India Over China... For Now

16th September, 2021

Indian public equities are firm favorites over Chinese A-Shares among sovereign investors, although there is a wide difference with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) increasing its Chinese holdings and Singapore’s GIC’s firmly preferring India, according to the latest research by Global SWF.

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