NPS Juggles External Managers as it Addresses Returns Against Benchmarks

15th July, 2024

One of the world’s biggest public pension funds, South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS), is boosting external management of its domestic private equity holdings while at the same time clawing back control over its overseas public equity allocations as it makes benchmark-beating returns its priority.

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Temasek Delivers Sluggish Return After a Cautious Year, But Prepares for Diversification and Mega-Trends

9th July, 2024

Singapore’s state-owned investor Temasek has reported a 1.8% rise in AUM to S$389 billion (US$288 billion), making it the world’s 11th biggest sovereign investor.

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Mubadala Joins World's Top 10 SWF Ranking with 15.4% Annual Return, US$302bn AUM

20th May, 2024

Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala has joined an elite of top 10 sovereign wealth funds as its AUM rose above US$300 billion in 2023 with Global SWF calculating an annual return of 15.4%, based on its increase in five-year return of 10.3% and proprietary data analysis of historical returns.

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KIA's Uncertainty is Lifted as Emir Dissolves Kuwaiti Parliament

14th May, 2024

The US$846 billion Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) is unlikely to escape the impact of the political upheaval in Kuwait over the weekend, but the developments could finally end the uncertainty that has clouded the fund in recent years.

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NPS Allocation to External Managers Set to Reach Record US$1bn+ in 2024

2nd May, 2024

South Korea’s goliath National Pension Service (NPS) is making its biggest allocation to external managers with its plans to invest US$1.1 billion with South Korea-based general partners (GPs).

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BlackRock Deepens Relationship With Saudi Arabia

30th April, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s US$925 billion Public Investment Fund (PIF) has given BlackRock a US$5 billion mandate to help establish a multi-class investment firm based in the capital, called BlackRock Riyadh Investment Management.

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Temasek Aims to Turn Around Fortunes with Paris Office and US$18bn EMEA Surge

11th April, 2024

Singapore’s Temasek has opened a new office in Paris, a year behind schedule, as it seeks to advance its EMEA strategy, which has seen its exposure to the region grow five-fold since 2011, in Singapore dollar terms to S$47 billion or 12% of its portfolio by end-FY2022/23.

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Ending the Silos: CDPQ Follows OTPP in Integrating Real Estate Subsidiaries

25th January, 2024

CDPQ has made the surprise move of integrating its real estate subsidiaries Ivanhoé Cambridge and Otéra Capital as it rearranges its real estate portfolio and brings it firmly under the ambit of the management, resulting in the departure of Ivanhoé Cambridge’s CEO Natalie Palladitcheff when the consolidation is completed in 18-24 months.

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Lunate starts operations with 50-strong team, aims high

2nd January, 2024

Lunate Capital, a multi-asset class investment manager created by Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund ADQ and seeded with US$50 billion, started operations on New Year’s Day with a 50-strong team and far-sighted ambitions.

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ADQ’s Consolidation Drive Creates Multi-National Pharma Conglomerate

20th October, 2023

Abu Dhabi’s infra-heavy sovereign wealth fund ADQ continues to pursue a policy of consolidation of portfolio companies into large conglomerates ahead of listing, with pharmaceuticals next in line for the rapid restructuring process – following the same path as PureHealth which in August grouped together the emirate’s heathcare interests.

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Losing Musicco as CIO Raises Questions Over CalPERS’s Future Private Equity Strategy

18th September, 2023

The US$463 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) has lost another CIO with Nicole Musicco quitting her position after less than two years for family reasons.

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NBIM Research Paper Cautiously Positive Towards Private Equity Funds

15th September, 2023

A research report published this week by Norway’s sovereign wealth fund manager Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) found that long-term returns from venture capital and growth equity funds have underperformed public equities by 1-2% on average over the past 48 years, but its conclusions give some support for the conservatively allocated US$1.4 trillion Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) to shift into private markets.

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