Abu Dhabi's SWFs Strengthen Ties with UAE Allies Bahrain and Egypt

15th December, 2021

Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth funds strengthened ties with regional peers as the Emirate’s government cements economic ties with its allies.

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Germany Repurposes Debt for a Climate and Transformation SWF

14th December, 2021

Germany’s new “traffic light” coalition government is set to establish a new sovereign wealth fund, utilizing EUR60 billion (US$68 billion) of unused borrowing for green infrastructure and economic transformation.

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PIF AuM reaches US$ 480 billion, climbs to #8 globally

13th December, 2021

This morning, H.E. Yasir Al-Rumayyan spoke at the Saudi Budget 2022 Forum chaired by the Minister of Finance in Riyadh. PIF’s Governor confirmed that the fund’s asset under management had reached SAR 1.8 trillion, i.e., US$ 480 billion, by the end of September 2021. This compares to US$ 425 billion at the end of Q1, and it is one of the fastest growths we have seeing this year among SWFs. PIF has now past China’s NSSF and climbs to 8th position among the world’s largest SWFs.

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GIC remains bullish on Indian equities

9th December, 2021

According to the latest filings in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), GIC has been very active in the Indian markets, and its holdings have increased to US$ 14.8 billion in the quarter ending on September 30, 2021.

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GCC Pension Funds manage Half a Trillion US Dollars

8th December, 2021

The six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are home to fewer than 60 million people, of whom only 29 million are nationals entitled to pension benefits. However, the pool of pension capital has been increasing steadily and can no longer be ignored. Global SWF estimates that the 10 PPFs from the region now manage US$ 502 billion, a 25% more than six years ago.

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CPP Promotes Duo to Head Regional Strategies in the Drive to US$1 trillion AUM

7th December, 2021

Canada’s biggest public pension fund, CPP Investments, this week appointed heads of the two most important regions outside of North America, Europe and Asia, to advance its objective of US$1 trillion of assets under management within a decade.

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Abu Dhabi Inc. Consolidates Renewables Assets Under Masdar and Drives Towards Net Zero

6th December, 2021

The merger of renewables assets by Abu Dhabi’s biggest energy asset owners under the ownership of Masdar, which was originally established by sovereign wealth fund Mubadala, is accelerating its push to develop its global portfolio of solar and wind generation plants.

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Gale-Force Winds for the Super Consolidation Down Under

3rd December, 2021

Yesterday AustralianSuper successfully completed the acquisition of Club Plus Super, which will feed the largest superannuation scheme in the country with 60,000 new members and US$ 2.25 billion in assets. This acquisition does not come as a surprise though, as a total of nine transactions have been announced or completed in the past 18 months Down Under.

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Happy 50th Anniversary, UAE!

2nd December, 2021

Congratulations are in order to the United Arab Emirates, for keeping seven (very wealthy) siblings under the same roof for the past 50 years. Here's to the next 50!

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Fund of the Month (Dec'21): Agaciro Development Fund (AgDF)

1st December, 2021

Rwanda’s economy has been growing steadily for the past 20 years. In December 2011, the National Dialogue Council proposed the creation of a Sovereign Wealth Fund, which would be funded by contributions of civil servants and the Rwandan diaspora. We had the pleasure of catching up with Mr. Gilbert Nyatanyi, who has been CEO of Agaciro since September 2020 and wants to take his country’s SWF to the next level.

UAE Federal SWF plans to grow well past US$ 150 billion by 2030

30th November, 2021

It is easy to forget that the UAE has a federal fund, given the high profile of their SWFs at emirate level. Luckily, its Board of Directors, led by Sheikh Mansour, reminded us of its importance last night. In his speech, the Deputy Minister of the UAE announced a new strategy “Fifty Principles” that aligns with the country’s development over the next fifty years.

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Amid Energy Crisis, Qatar Looks to Snap Up British Gas Infra Assets

29th November, 2021

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is looking to deepen its exposure to British infrastructure and is touted as one of the potential buyers for US$7 billion worth of British electricity and natural gas transmission networks.

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