Temasek Leaps Forward With its Multi-Pronged Decarbonization Ambitions

6th June, 2022

Temasek has launched a S$5 billion ($3.6 billion) investment platform focusing on carbon reduction, working with its Decarbonization Partners initiative with BlackRock, in a major new development of the Singaporean state-owned investor's strategy of backing solutions to climate change.

Public Equities - Temasek Under-Performs as Strategy Fails to Deliver; Gaming Delivers Chink of Light Amid PIF’s Lucid Losses

16th May, 2022

Filings by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Singapore’s state-owned holding company Temasek show they were hit by the shock to markets in the first quarter as the Russian intervention in Ukraine sent the global economy reeling.

The Elephant in the Room - are Sovereign Investors beating the markets?

2nd May, 2022

Comparing returns across State-Owned Investors is never easy and it always takes a lot of assumptions and disclaimers. Yet, most funds have now reported their FY21 results, and we have looked at the average investment returns for the past six years (which we consider a fair investment cycle) across 20 major SWFs and 20 major PPFs in an apples-to-apples analysis.

What do Abu Dhabi and Singapore Have in Common? Agtech

13th April, 2022

Local geography and resource limitations are driving agricultural tech investments by state-owned investors from the UAE and Singapore.

Indonesia is the GoTo for SWF Investment in Tech Startups

11th April, 2022

The market debut of Indonesia’s largest tech company GoTo is an undoubted success, particularly for its backers who include the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) as well as Singapore’s state-owned investors.

Singapore Central Bank transfers US$ 55 billion, GIC now at US$ 799 billion AuM

8th April, 2022

The Central Bank of Singapore, known as the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today announced that it has transferred excess foreign reserves of US$ 55 billion to the Government – or, effectively, to the Sovereign Wealth Fund, GIC. The latter now manages assets in excess of US$ 799 billion, according to estimates of Global SWF.

Future Looks Rosy for Temasek's VC Arm as Vertex Blooms

5th April, 2022

Singaporean investor Temasek’s venture capital arm Vertex Holdings swung from red to black in 2021 with a US$530.8 million net profit from a US$40.4 million net loss in 2020.

BlackRock Deepens Mubadala Collaboration, Emerges as SWF Favorite in Net Zero Drive

31st March, 2022

Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala is seeking to deepen its partnership with leading global asset manager BlackRock with plans to invest in Tata Power’s new Indian renewable energy arm.

Singapore Inc. prepares for a new budget deficit despite its largest ordinary dividend to date

28th March, 2022

This week marks the end of FY2022 in Singapore, and its various state-owned investors are busy wrapping up the year. In February, the Government released the estimated budget deficit for the year (SG$ 5.4 billion), despite expecting to withdraw the highest ordinary dividend (known as NIRC) to date, at SG$ 21.6 billion or US$ 16.0 billion.

Sovereign Funds Look to Lucrative Exits from Emerging Market E-Commerce

18th March, 2022

Sovereign funds are key investors in the digitalization of emerging market economies, with e-commerce becoming a prime target for venture capital sprees in recent years.

State Investors Diverge on US Public Equity Allocations

15th February, 2022

Stock exchange filings by state-owned investors, published this week, saw a divergence in strategy and positions in Q4 2021, with leaps in some portfolios slightly offset by downward adjustments in others.

Middle East SWFs Ramp Up Chinese Equities, Canadian PPFs Cut Back

23rd November, 2021

Latest data on Chinese A-shareholdings show that the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds are moving in radically different directions as their emerging market equities strategies diverge.

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