PIF Leverages Portfolio Companies to Crowd In Saudi Private Sector Activity

15th March, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s private markets are set to receive a boost from the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund, with plans designed to increase the role of the domestic private sector from 40% to 65% of GDP by 2030.

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PIF Launches New Saudi Airline as Diversification Picks Up Pace

13th March, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has firmed up its new airline plan, outlined last September as “RIA”, with an official launch of Riyadh Airlines and an aircraft order valued at US$35 billion.

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PIF Gaming and E-Sports Acquisitions at Breakneck Pace, with US$4bn+ Stake in Nintendo

20th February, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is continuing its aggressive push into the gaming industry, becoming the biggest foreign shareholder in Japan’s Nintendo and buying a stake in Chinese e-sports company VSPO.

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PIF Has Already Recovered Q4 Losses in US Listed Equities

15th February, 2023

The slump in the value of electric carmaker Lucid caused a 16% q-o-q fall in the value of the Public Investment Fund’s (PIF) US equity portfolio to US$30.9 billion, but Global SWF’s estimates indicate a rapid turn in fortunes in the past six weeks with the reversal of Q4 losses.

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Saudi Fund Joins the Agtech Farming Revolution

2nd February, 2023

In an era of climate change, pressures on water resources and a burgeoning global population reaching 10 billion, indoor vertical farming is emerging to overcome the challenges and address growing food demand.

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PIF's Plans to Take Lucid Private Are Part of a Bigger EV Strategy By Saudi SWF

30th January, 2023

Rumors that Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) is set to take electric vehicle maker Lucid private by buying a 34.5% stake from public markets have fuelled a massive rise in its stock price, following months of steep decline.

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From Microfinance to Port Infrastructure, Egypt’s SWF is Channelling FDI

16th January, 2023

Egypt has accelerated inward investment into its economy through the deployment of its young and growing sovereign wealth fund as a go-to partner for foreign investors seeking to penetrate North Africa’s biggest economy.

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PIF: Saudi Arabia’s Banyan Tree

12th January, 2023

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) is growing more and more like a banyan tree: developing accessory trunks that allow it to spread outwards indefinitely. The Saudi SWF has a central strategy, which is “driving the growth of new sectors, companies and jobs, as a catalyst of Vision 2030” but is writing history as it goes.

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China's Lockdown Easing Set to Revive SWF Activity - and Potential New Overseas Offices

9th January, 2023

China’s removal of quarantine requirements for inbound travelers has signalled that borders are reopened after three years of strict pandemic-related travel restrictions.

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Lucid Clouds PIF's 2022 Performance, But There Is A Silver Lining

29th December, 2022

The final quarter of 2022 was hugely disappointing for PIF’s US public equity holdings with the diving value of Lucid Motor’s stock wiping US$7.4 billion off the value of the stockholding, representing 1.2% of the Saudi sovereign fund’s AUM.

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Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi Back Europe's Low Carbon Transition

14th December, 2022

PIF has joined Mubadala in investing in German offshore wind developer Skyborn Renewables, alongside Global Infrastructure Partners.

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PIF Presses Further into Egypt's Troubled Economy

12th December, 2022

The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) is continuing its advance into Egypt’s troubled economy with reports that it is preparing to acquire The United Bank for US$600 million.

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