Kiwi Fund Celebrates 20th Birthday Following Best Ever Returns

11th October, 2021

New Zealand’s US$40.4 billion NZ Super celebrates its 20th birthday this week, after a year in which it reported its best ever return of 29.6%, beating its benchmark by 1.7%.

NZ Super Leads The Antipodean Funds With Bumper Return

14th September, 2021

New Zealand’s US$42 billion NZ Super has notched up its best ever return of 29.6%, beating its benchmark by 1.7% and surpassing the performance of Australia’s public pension fund AustralianSuper (20.4% on the balanced fund) and its sovereign wealth fund the Future Fund (22.2%).

2021 GSR Scoreboard

2nd July, 2021

We are pleased to present the results of the 2021 edition of our GSR Scoreboard, which has become a critical tool of analysis of Sovereign Investors’ Governance, Sustainability and Resilience efforts.

Hot Topic – High ESG standards yield better financial returns for State-Owned Investors

3rd May, 2021

We hereby present the results of a groundbreaking analysis linking the fund's Governance and Sustainability efforts, and their financial performance over the past six years.

Fund of the Month (May'21): NZ Super Fund

1st May, 2021

We chat with Mr. Stephen Gilmore, Chief Investment Officer at the New Zealand Superannuation Fund.

Myanmar Crisis Could Set the Bar for ESG Policies

12th April, 2021

State-owned investors' push for divestment from Myanmar over human rights abuses by the military junta could set the bar for ESG policies towards other markets in the future.

The Great Disconnect

27th January, 2021

Future Fund published today its year-end performance, confirming the great disconnect between financial markets and economic reality

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