NBIM Research Paper Cautiously Positive Towards Private Equity Funds

15th September, 2023

A research report published this week by Norway’s sovereign wealth fund manager Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) found that long-term returns from venture capital and growth equity funds have underperformed public equities by 1-2% on average over the past 48 years, but its conclusions give some support for the conservatively allocated US$1.4 trillion Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) to shift into private markets.

Western State Investors "de-China-ize", but Singapore and Middle East Funds Press Further in China

7th September, 2023

 The world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund, Norges Bank (NBIM), announced today that it had shut its Shanghai office after 16 years of operation, although it insists the decision was “operational” and it would continue to invest both directly and via funds and Singapore would be used as its hub for the region.

NBIM Surge Supported by Tech Stocks, But Long-Term Risks Remain

16th August, 2023

The Norwegian sovereign wealth goliath Norges Bank (NBIM) has excelled in its performance over the first half of the year, with a 9.8% return helping to turn around a dismal performance in 2022 when it reported a 14.1% loss, equivalent to US$164 billion.

The Global SWF-meter is now live!

23rd June, 2023

As industry analysts, we have always been fascinated by the changing meter on NBIM’s website. Anyone can see the market value of the world’s largest SWF at any point in time, according to the fluctuations in global financial markets. Over the years, NZ Super joined this effort and is now showing an “AuM-clock” on their homepage, too.

NBIM Posts Healthy Return as it Considers Private Markets

21st April, 2023

Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), managed by Norges Bank (NBIM), has affirmed its position as the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund after posting a 5.9% return in Q1, led by a recovery in equity investments.

State Investors Radically Pare Back Chinese Equity Positions Due to Risk Concerns

20th April, 2023

State-owned investors (SOIs) are dumping their Shanghai-listed A-Shares and rapidly reducing their exposure to Chinese public markets amid rising geopolitical risks and market uncertainty.

World’s Biggest SWF to Consider Private Equity, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

12th April, 2023

Norway’s US$1.35 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the Government Pension Fund Global, could start investing in private equity, potentially funneling billions into the asset class - but even if Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) agrees to a government request to examine "various aspects of unlisted equities”, any deployment is likely to be gradual and conservative.

Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Colossus Makes Its Third Big Renewables Acquisition

23rd March, 2023

Norway’s US$1.3 trillion Government Pension Fund Global – overseen by Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) – has made a third weighty investment in European renewable energy with the acquisition of a 16.6% in He Dreiht, a 960MW offshore wind project in the German North Sea, for EUR430 million (US$468 million).

Sovereign Investors Hit By Banking Stocks Turmoil

16th March, 2023

The sovereign investor universe is being pummelled by the turmoil in the trade of banking stocks on global markets, revealing yet again doubts over strategy that had previously been highlighted in crypto-related investments.

Private Markets and US$ Strength Supports SWF Returns

8th February, 2023

The first flurry of full-year returns results for sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds shows a large spread of results, but is broadly in line with year-end estimates in Global SWF’s 2023 Annual Report.

NBIM’s Losses Boost the Case for Private Equities Investment

31st January, 2023

The ripple effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused the biggest loss since the 2008 financial crisis for Norway’s US$1.3 trillion sovereign wealth fund – and put boosters on its case for portfolio diversification into private markets.

Spanish Solar and Wind Investment Marks Another Small Step for NBIM's Renewables Strategy

17th January, 2023

NBIM’s acquisition of a 49% interest in a 1.3GW portfolio of solar plants and onshore wind farms located in Spain marks the first investment in unlisted renewables in nearly two years, but the Norwegian SWF is a long way short of its initial target of 2% AUM in the sector.

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