ADQ and Mubadala Draw Closer, Backing US$10 billion Disruptive Tech VC Fund

18th August, 2022

Since the passing of Abu Dhabi and UAE leader Sheikh Khalifa in May, two of the Emirate’s sovereign wealth funds – Mubadala and ADQ – have shown increasing signs of co-operation with this week seeing the Mubadala-backed artificial intelligence firm G42 forming a partnership with ADQ’s venture capital arm the Abu Dhabi Growth Fund to create a US$10 billion fund with a focus on tech investments in emerging markets.

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Private Equity and Real Assets: The Hedge Against Public Market Turmoil

17th August, 2022

With markets in turmoil due to the energy price spike following Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, losses were to be expected in H1 – yet, recent results indicate that private markets are a good hedge against the impact on nosediving public equities.

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PIF Remains Loyal to Lucid Motors, Despite US$8.4bn Loss; Pivots to Tech and Finance

16th August, 2022

A fall in Lucid Motors’ stock price caused a US$8.4 billion hit on Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s US public equity holdings – but the rest of its stock holdings grew US$4.6 billion with tech stocks leading the charge.

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ADIA Set to Break Records in Deals with Aggressive Private Markets Strategy

15th August, 2022

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) continues to surge ahead with its aggressive investment strategy with the acquisition of a 9.99% stake in India’s Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company for US$84 million, according to a Bombay Stock Exchange filing last week.

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Seoul-d on Alts: External Managers Set to Benefit from Korea’s Private Markets Drive

12th August, 2022

Korea’s state investors are pushing forward with their plans to boost allocations to private markets – and external managers are benefiting from the multi-billion dollar surge in sovereign cash.

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External Managers and Real Assets Soften Hit on CPP’s Quarterly Return

12th August, 2022

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) has reported a 4.2% decline in its assets over the latest quarter to C$523 billion (US$410 billion) due to a net loss of C$23 billion, alongside C$7 billion in net transfers.

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Saudi Arabia’s PIF Seeks to Land Jumbo British Airport Acquisition

10th August, 2022

Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing Public Investment Fund (PIF) could become the biggest shareholder in the UK’s busiest airport if it goes ahead with the acquisition of Ferrovial’s 25% stake.

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Sharjah fine tunes its strategy, claims its seat at the UAE table

9th August, 2022

The UAE is comprised of seven different emirates, even though we often hear about the largest two only: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The third major emirate is Sharjah, which hosts 23% of the population in just 3% of the area. It is the third largest economy, with about US$ 25 billion GDP, even though it only holds about 2% of the oil reserves, suggesting certain degree of diversification.

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Softbank reports its biggest quarterly loss, but it is not all bad news for PIF and Mubadala

8th August, 2022

The Softbank Group, founded and chaired by billionaire Masayoshi Son, announced its result for the quarter ended June 30, 2022 last night. The group, which includes the Vision Funds, a 25% stake in Chinese giant Alibaba, and other significant investments, reported an operating loss of US$ 24.5 billion, due to the global markets turmoil and to the rapid fall of the yen against the dollar.

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Alaska Permanent joins the Red Club

4th August, 2022

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation just released its results for the fiscal year ended on June 30, 2022, with negative return of-1.3% in the 12-month period and -6.9% in the last six months. The new value of the fund’s AuM is US$ 77.3 billion, down from US$ 81.8 billion a year ago.

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Taiwan’s Stabilization Fund gets to work as Uncertainty Reigns

3rd August, 2022

This is an eventful week for the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan, and Asian stock markets are not reacting well to the added geopolitical tensions after the visit of US’ House of Representative Speaker to the island. The main index for companies traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, TAIEX, has lost -1.3% this week, and is down -19.1% this year so far, the second largest loss among the world’s major stock indexes, only behind Nasdaq.

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Mubadala wants to be King in Brazil

2nd August, 2022

On Monday, August 1, Mubadala made an offer to buy an additional 45% of Zamp SA, the master franchisee of Burger King, Domino’s and Popeye, among other fast-food restaurant brands in Brazil. The Abu Dhabi fund already owns 5% of the company, which it acquired in 2013 as part of Batista’s US$ 2 billion portfolio.

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