GSR Scoreboard 2022 Leader: CPP Investments

1st July, 2022

One of the leaders of the year, with a 96% score, was Canada’s largest Public Pension Fund, CPP Investments. We had the great pleasure of speaking with Ed Cass, its SMD and Chief Investment Officer about the GSR scoreboard different elements, the keys for CPP Investments’ success and his future ambitions for the fund.

2022 GSR Scoreboard

1st July, 2022

Global SWF turns four years old today, and we celebrate it with the third edition of our GSR Scoreboard, which assesses the Governance, Sustainability, and Resilience progress by the world’s leading State-Owned Investors.

Mid-Year Update 2022: SWFs back to Mega-Deals?

29th June, 2022

We are almost done with the first half of 2022, and what a ride it has been for Sovereign Investors. Inflation, interest rates, geopolitics, oil prices… The environment in which funds are operating today is very different than the one they were operating in on January 1, when we released our 2022 Annual Report.

Ethiopia’s EIH onboards 27 assets; Gabon’s FGIS signs up for NZAOA

27th June, 2022

The past few days have been quite eventful for African SWFs. Last week, nine of the most active strategic funds of the continent signed an MoU in Rabat to create the African Sovereign Investment Forum (ASIF).

Student Accommodation: A Hedge Against Risk

23rd June, 2022

Sovereign investors have devoted around US$11 billion to student accommodation from 2015, nearly half of which has come from Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC.

Qatar Aims to Recycle LNG Wealth Into Alternative Energy

22nd June, 2022

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is set to gain a massive capital injection from soaring energy prices and output growth and it is setting out its plans for investment in blockchain, small modular reactors and a significant minority stake in Turkey’s Eurasia Tunnel.

Sovereign Investors Pour Billions Into Red Sea Ports and Logistics

21st June, 2022

The Red Sea is one of the world’s most strategically important trade routes and sovereign investors are bolstering infrastructure to capitalize on opportunities provided by the constant stream of cargo flowing between continents.

A new SWF Forum is born – will this make any change?

20th June, 2022

Today, nine SWFs from Africa came together in Rabat, Morocco, to sign a new partnership agreement, creating the “African Sovereign Investors Forum (ASIF)”. All of them except for Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF) were already members of IFSWF, and four of them are also part of One Planet SWF Group.

Omani Fund Plans Big IPOs to Redeploy Capital

17th June, 2022

Oman’s sovereign wealth fund the Oman Investment Authority (OIA) is examining divesting from six state-owned assets as it seeks to both support the nation's finances and offer strategic investment.

2022 GSR report to be released in two weeks

17th June, 2022

In exactly two weeks, on July 1, Global SWF will release the third edition of its GSR Scoreboard, which studies the progress done by State-Owned Investors around Governance, Sustainability and Resilience.

IMCO Boosts Public Debt Allocation by US$1bn as Markets Roil

16th June, 2022

The US$57 billion Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO) is ramping up its allocation to actively managed public credit markets with a US$1 billion allocation to two global credit managers, it announced today – a move that Global SWF expects to see across the state-owned investor universe.

Canadian Pension Funds Accelerate Indian Roads Drive with US$816mn Investment

15th June, 2022

Two of Canada’s biggest public pension funds have ramped up their investments in the Indian road network, contributing a total of US$816 million to a US$1.2 billion deal to acquire assets from Brookfield.

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