Mubadala’s Path to Growth: Debt, IPOs and Fund Raising

18th August, 2021

One of Abu Dhabi's state-owned investors, the US$243 billion Mubadala Investment Company, is working to attract third-party capital from institutional investors as part of its ambitious bid to double its AUM by the end of the decade.

PNG’s Struggle to Establish SWF Illustrates Challenges Facing Resource-Rich, Least Developed Countries

17th August, 2021

Papua New Guinea’s struggle to start a sovereign wealth fund demonstrates the difficulties facing resource-endowed least developed countries (LDCs) seeking to put their wealth to good use.

PIF Quiet in US Public Equity Trades, But Temasek Makes Pivot to Finance and Retail

16th August, 2021

The US public equities strategies of Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Temasek diverged in Q221, with the Saudi fund making only one change in its stockholdings while the Singaporean state-owned investor ramped up exposures to financial services and retail & consumer sectors.

Tech Crackdown and Urbanization Could Fuel SOI Interest in Chinese Real Estate

13th August, 2021

With Chinese authorities cracking down on big tech to curb their cultural and economic power, institutional investors are looking at other sectors of the country’s economy for long-term yield.

World’s Biggest SWF Seeks To Shore Up Its Climate Credentials, But Could Do More

12th August, 2021

Climate risk is a top priority for Norges Bank (NBIM), the manager of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund, the US$1.38 trillion Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). While NBIM has made significant efforts to slash its carbon footprint, it still has a further journey to make even to match some of its peers – and the slow pace of transition is denying GPFG potential growth.

Changes at the Top of Canada’s Biggest Public Pension Fund

11th August, 2021

Fresh blood and promotions are leading to changes at the top team of Canada’s biggest public pension fund, the US$394 billion CPP Investments, which is promoting global talent at board and management levels.

Australian Electricity Sparks Canadian Fund Excitement

10th August, 2021

Australian infrastructure is proving to be a big draw for state-owned investors (SOIs) with foreign sovereign funds set to eclipse domestic SOIs as assets are auctioned off. Canadian public pension funds (PPFs) are leading the charge in the electricity utility space, having also boosted their exposure to the country’s real estate sector.

AustralianSuper Joins the Private Credit Surge, Tripling its Portfolio by 2026

9th August, 2021

AustralianSuper is joining the surge in global private credit and tripling its exposure to the sector, which is seeing funds ramp up lending in direct competition with the banking industry.

Alaska PFC returns c.30% in FY21, private markets to reach 40%

9th August, 2021

Last week, United States’ largest Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) released its results for the year ending on June 30, 2021 (FY21) and gave a clue on its strategy to FY25.

Brazil: the Next Big Destination for State-Owned Investors

5th August, 2021

Infrastructure is dominant in the Brazilian portfolios of state-owned investors (SOIs), but there are tentative signs that they are seeking to diversify portfolios that are heavily oriented towards the Latin American country’s oil and gas industry.

Cleaning Up the World: Mubadala and Temasek Support Transition Over Exclusion

4th August, 2021

With the drive towards net zero, the logical way asset owners can reduce the carbon intensity of their portfolios is to simply cut out exposure to fossil fuels. It is an easy and quick way to prove sustainability, but selling assets to third parties simply reduces the asset owner’s carbon emissions with little impact on climate change.

How Will China's Tech Crackdown Impact on Temasek?

3rd August, 2021

China’s crackdown on consumer technology companies is having a chilling effect on the country’s attractiveness to venture capital, but although Temasek appears to have the most to lose it is continuing to plough millions into Chinese startups.

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