Brazil Looks to Relaunch Sovereign Wealth Fund ... But Will It Last?

22nd November, 2021

Brazil may consider relaunching its sovereign wealth fund, the Fundo Soberano do Brasil (FSB), after the establishment of two sub-national funds in the past two years.

BlackRock Rivals SWF Sector with US$10 trillion AUM

20th November, 2021

BlackRock is set to rival the size of the entire sovereign wealth industry with assets under management topping US$10 trillion, supported by a bull market run.

Biotech Boom Supported with US$5.5bn from State-Owned Investors

19th November, 2021

The pandemic has fuelled investor interest in biotech, life sciences and drug discovery with state-owned investors ploughing more than US$5.5 billion into the space so far this year, mostly in the form of venture capital for startups – an increase of 53% over the whole of 2020.

CalPERS bets on Private Equity and Debt as it grows past $500b

18th November, 2021

On Monday this week, the Board of Administration of CalPERS – the world’s largest state-level pension fund – confirmed the new investment strategy for the next four and a half years. And the new target asset allocation represents a substantial change from the current mix.

Temasek's US Equities Slashed by US$5.8bn in Q3 with Declines in Financial and Retail Stockholdings

16th November, 2021

Temasek’s US equities portfolio fell US$5.8 billion over Q3, due to a reduction in the value of its positions in financial services and retail & consumer sectors. Yet, its portfolio is still large in historical terms. In the 12 months to end-September, Temasek’s US equities have grown US$8.9 billion – an increase of 45%.

Lucid Gives Clear Lift to PIF’s US Equity Holdings

15th November, 2021

Lucid’s IPO has helped triple the value of US stocks held by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, according to its latest 13F filing with the SEC.

CPP Long-Term Return Soars to New Heights as Alternatives Boosts Earnings in Q2 FY2022

12th November, 2021

CPP Investments has notched up its best long-term return in its 22-year history, following a 3.8% return in Q2 of its current financial year.

SWFs Cement Intra-GCC Economic Ties, But Qatar Is Left On A Limb

12th November, 2021

An agreement signed this week between Bahrain’s Mumtalakat and Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala to create a joint investment fund for both countries marks the latest development in intra-GCC economic ties.

American Seaports Sensitivity Raises Concerns Over CPP's US$4bn Deal

10th November, 2021

It is over 15 years since controversy flared up over Dubai Ports World’s aborted acquisition of port management businesses in US seaports, ostensibly over alleged national security threats posed by selling strategically important infrastructure to an Arab government – albeit a close US ally.

State Investors Back Takeover of Cybersecurity Leader McAfee

10th November, 2021

A US$14 billion deal to buy out cybersecurity firm McAfee has found the backing of Canadian public pension fund CPP, Singaporean sovereign wealth fund GIC and a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA).

ADG - the latest addition to the SWF capital of the world

8th November, 2021

Last March, Global SWF issued a special analysis on Abu Dhabi Inc., with a description of the four main SWFs operating out of the emirate today and with the first-ever estimate of ADQ’s assets under management (AuM), at US$ 110 billion. We also discussed the uncanny resemblance of the newest fund with its sister organization Mubadala, and how the new vehicle fitted in the overall macroeconomic goals.

QIA Anchors Rwanda-Based Regional Fund as It Continues its Push into Africa Via Kigali

6th November, 2021

The Qatar Investment Authority has thrown its weight behind the US$250 million Virunga Africa Fund I as an anchor investor, alongside the US$2 billion Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB).

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