As industry analysts, we have always been fascinated by the changing meter on NBIM’s website. Anyone can see the market value of the world’s largest SWF at any point in time, according to the fluctuations in global financial markets. Over the years, NZ Super joined this effort and is now showing an “AuM-clock” on their homepage, too.

Now, NBIM and NZ Super are unique in the sense that their portfolios are very liquid (70% and 52% in listed equities, respectively) and a big part of their value is determined by public equities globally. It would be unrealistic for most funds to calculate and share the market value of their portfolio at any second. In fact, 22 Sovereign Investors around the world do not still share the size of their balance sheet with their citizenry.

We are today announcing a series of enhancements to our website that are now live. Our homepage now includes a Global SWF-meter that tracks the industry’s AuM (based on our internal estimates whenever these are not publicly available) and is revised on an ongoing basis based on the latest reporting and disclosures by the world’s largest asset owners.

We have also extended our work to Central Banks, and we are now covering 642 institutions that manage US$ 48.9 trillion in assets and reserves. We have also expanded our macro efforts and now keep a “Country Inc.” page for each of the 193 UN-recognized sovereign states, plus Taiwan, Palestine, and Kosovo, giving an overview to our subscribers of the central banks, sovereign funds, and pension plans in all of the world's outbound territories.

The ranking of the top institutions is also publicly available on the tab “Ranking” and updated on an ongoing basis. And the latest deals and appointments are always highlighted in our tab “Activity”. Lastly, we keep a depository of our valuable monthly reports for the past three years, which are restricted for our subscribers, except for our annual reports and GSR reports, which we keep open for now.

As we unveil the results of the 2023 GSR scoreboard next week, our growing team is excited by the challenges ahead and looks forward to seeing you all in our upcoming webinar on July 10. Register now and join us for a market update, a brief on the GSR results, and a showcase of our latest changes.