Next Saturday, January 1, 2022, we will be releasing the industry’s most timely, rigorous, and insightful account of the activity and trends of Sovereign Wealth Funds and Public Pension Funds during 2021. The report is titled “State-Owned Investors 3.0” and includes comments from SOIs in every major section:

  • Year 2021 in Review, with details about all the investments and divestments up to Dec 31, 2021 (i.e., with no lag in time): SWFs vs PPFs, Top 10 investors, trends by industry, region, and country.

  • The World in 2022, offering our views on what the next year has in store for State Investors. Comments from Kristian Flyvholm, Head of Reserve Management of the UAE Central Bank.

  • The Future of Asset Allocation: A technical analysis on SAA vs TPM, and associated returns. Comments from Sue Brake, CIO of Australia’s Future Fund.

  • 2021 Fund of the Year award, including an interview with a key executive of the fund. To be announced soon.

  • Asset Class of the Year: Venture Capital, which has had its best year ever among SWFs & PPFs. Comments from Damien Steel, Managing Partner of OMERS Ventures.

  • Region of the Year: Australia as a country of growing interest in terms of both inbound and outbound capital. Comments from Jean-Étienne Leroux, Managing Director CDPQ Sydney.

  • Industry of the year: Healthcare, including BioTech, Pharma, Devices and Services. Detailed account of SOIs activities around vaccine development, and case Study of RDIF and Sputnik V.

  • ESG, with some excellent news for the industry in terms of green investments during 2021. Comments from Anne-Maree O’Connor, Head of Responsible Investment for NZ Super Fund.

  • Organizational matters, including the ability of SWFs to respond to Covid-19, the establishment of new funds, the set-up of offices overseas and the various changes in leadership during 2021.

  • State-Owned Investors 2030 offers a forecast of the industry’s AuM and the Top 15 funds by 2030. Comments from Winston Ma, former Managing Director of CIC.


The report will be posted on our website and distributed by email on Jan 1, 2022, by 8am EST / 1pm GMT / 5pm GST / 8pm GST. Let us know if you would like to add any email to our list

 In addition, we will be discussing the main findings in a free Zoom webinar on Jan 6, 2022, at 8am EST / 1pm GMT / 5pm GST / 8pm GST. You can already register at