Since 2020, Global SWF has issued an annual assessment of the efforts of state-owned investors, including sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds, around governance, sustainability, and resilience (GSR).

The fourth edition of the Scoreboard will be released next Friday, June 30, during morning time in Singapore. The 2023 exercise seeks continuance and relevance, by using the same elements and sample of 200 sovereign investors. 15 funds of recent creation or increasing importance are rated for the first time.

The assessment tool is based on 25 elements, answered binarily (Yes / No) based on publicly available information only, and has been gaining recognition as the thermometer of the industry’s best practices. It is quantifiable and completely independent, as the assessment is not commissioned or charged to any fund.

On May 15, the Global SWF team communicated all 200 funds the preliminary results of our analysis. Since then, over a third of them have decided to engage, to discuss the results, and to point us to additional information. The period of five weeks has now ended, and any additional information or conversation will be considered for the 2024 scorecards only.

The final report will include a market update of the first six months of 2023, as well as all 5,000 data points collected and a detailed analysis on the results of the GSR Scoreboard. In addition, we will feature the winner of the yearly evaluation, with an extensive interview, and three case studies for the “champions in Governance”, the “champions in Sustainability” and the “champions in Resilience”.

Lastly, the Global SWF team will host a webinar to go through the market update and through the results on Monday, July 10, at 8am EST / 1pm GMT / 4pm GST / 8pm CST. Please register now at

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