In exactly two weeks, on July 1, Global SWF will release the third edition of its GSR Scoreboard, which studies the progress done by State-Owned Investors around Governance, Sustainability and Resilience.

The assessment tool is based on 25 elements, answered binarily (Yes / No) based on publicly available information only, and has been gaining recognition as the thermometer of the industry’s best practices. It is quantifiable and completely independent, as the assessed funds do not pay any membership fee.

The 2022 edition introduces two main changes: (i) asset owners and asset managers are considered jointly for the relevant elements, e.g., for PPFs, we consider the funding scheme of the main depositor or plan; and (ii) we share the results with the funds in advance, in case they would like to engage and/or comment.

We have spent the past few weeks speaking with several funds, from Luanda to Riyadh to Leeds, from Panama to Tehran to Seoul; explaining the methodology and steering them through better practices and higher scores. The final report will include all 5,000 data points and a detailed analysis on the results.

In addition, we will feature the winner of the yearly evaluation, with an interview with its CIO, and three case studies for the “champions in Governance”, the “champions in Sustainability” and the “champions in Resilience”. Please let us know if you would like us to include you in the distribution of the report on July 1.

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