Global SWF Data Platform

At Global SWF, we focus on State-Owned Investors, including Central Banks (CBs), Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), and Public Pension Funds (PPFs), because it is what we know well. We are industry experts that have worked with these investors on the ground for many years, amassing unique knowledge and relationships. Our ultimate mission is to promote a better understanding of and connectivity into SWFs and PPFs, through three different verticals:

✔ Consulting: peer benchmarking and investment facilitation, among others;

✔ Data & Research: the most thorough platform of strategies, portfolios and staff;

✔ SWF Academy: the world's only SWF-focused Exec Ed program.

We believe it is crucial to understand the sometimes complex fiscal and macro landscape in which Sovereign Investors operate - which we call Country Inc. Please refer to the tab "Countries" for the world's major outbound territories, along with the number and size of the vehicles operating in each of them.

We track all the world's Sovereign Investors and provides insights into the strategies, portfolios and executives of the most prolific funds in terms of size, investment activity and market interest. Please refer to the tab "Ranking" for the list of the world's Top 100 CBs, Top 100 SWFs and Top 100 PPFs.

State Owned Investors (US$ trillion)

Source: Global SWF. Last updated April 2024