PIF Remains Loyal to Lucid Motors, Despite US$8.4bn Loss; Pivots to Tech and Finance

16th August, 2022

A fall in Lucid Motors’ stock price caused a US$8.4 billion hit on Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s US public equity holdings – but the rest of its stock holdings grew US$4.6 billion with tech stocks leading the charge.

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ADIA Set to Break Records in Deals with Aggressive Private Markets Strategy

15th August, 2022

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) continues to surge ahead with its aggressive investment strategy with the acquisition of a 9.99% stake in India’s Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company for US$84 million, according to a Bombay Stock Exchange filing last week.

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Seoul-d on Alts: External Managers Set to Benefit from Korea’s Private Markets Drive

12th August, 2022

Korea’s state investors are pushing forward with their plans to boost allocations to private markets – and external managers are benefiting from the multi-billion dollar surge in sovereign cash.

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Sharjah fine tunes its strategy, claims its seat at the UAE table

9th August, 2022

The UAE is comprised of seven different emirates, even though we often hear about the largest two only: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The third major emirate is Sharjah, which hosts 23% of the population in just 3% of the area. It is the third largest economy, with about US$ 25 billion GDP, even though it only holds about 2% of the oil reserves, suggesting certain degree of diversification.

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HKMA Set to Launch its Tech Fund to Revive Hong Kong's Early Stage Startups

29th July, 2022

In a move that emulates the strategic approach of Singapore’s Temasek, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s (HKMA) Hong Kong Growth Portfolio is establishing a HK$5 billion (US$637 million) Strategic Tech Fund, Finance Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po told the South China Morning Post this week.

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GIC Feels the Pressure, Secondaries will be Focus in Private Equity

27th July, 2022

The latest annual report by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC suggests the fund witnessed a sharp dip in performance in FY2021/22, with its highly liquid portfolio hit by the global market turmoil that followed the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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CIC Consolidates Overseas Operations, Rivals NBIM as World's Biggest SWF

21st July, 2022

Following 18 months of rumor, the China Investment Corp (CIC) is merging CIC International and CIC Capital, bringing together overseas private equity and infrastructure operations merged into a single unit, according to Bloomberg.

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PE Rescues CalPERS’ Performance, but Musicco Doesn’t Change Her Tune on Overhaul

20th July, 2022

Healthy private equity returns helped the US$446 billion California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) beat its -7.0% benchmark return with a -6.1% net return on the financial year ending June 30.

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Temasek Future Proofs for Tough Times Ahead

12th July, 2022

Temasek posted a respectable 5.8% return in a year of immense change for the Singaporean state-owned investor, which saw it recruit a new chief executive, Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara, following 17 years under Ho Ching.

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The $6bn Private Equity Sale: What is CalPERS Up To?

11th July, 2022

The US$456 billion California Public Employees' Retirement System made a dramatic decision this month by selling a huge slice of its private equity portfolio at a discount and cutting ties with external managers, despite its previously stated objective to raise its allocation to the asset class.

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State Investors Wary of Venture Capital Amid Inflation Risks

8th July, 2022

After two years of frenetic activity in venture capital, sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds have stepped on the brakes as the effects of the Ukraine crisis threaten to upset the post-pandemic recovery.

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Abu Dhabi's Powerful Brothers Oversee Sovereign Investor Collaboration with SoftBank Exec

7th July, 2022

The decision of Abu Dhabi sovereign investors Mubadala and ADQ and the Royal Group conglomerate to back SoftBank executive Rajeev Misra's new US$6 billion multi-asset investment fund shines a light on the Emirate's internal dynamics in a post-Khalifa era.

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