We bring a fresh and innovative approach, focused on serving better asset managers and service providers alike. A unique interface to understand and link with institutional investors, which is based on ten basic principles:

  1. Dynamic list of the Top 100 institutional investors, which is tailored over time according to the emergence of new players and to the market interest.
  2. Inclusion of “SWF-like” Public Pension Funds (e.g. Canada’s CDPQ) and other highly active investment managers (e.g. Softbank Vision Fund).
  3. Top-down approach, looking at mission, asset allocation and current portfolio, rather than a bottom-up approach based on past transactions only.
  4. Focus not only on transactions but also on people: detailed account of org. charts and key decision makers for each of the funds and asset classes.
  5. Stress in recent trends and future predictions rather than in the historical account of the industry and funds.
  6. Proprietary balance scoreboard that combines Governance, Sustainability and Resilience (“GSR”) issues.
  7. Context of each of the funds in the overall reserve management and investment strategy of the respective country (Country Inc. series).
  8. Timely reporting (monthly / quarterly / annual) of information, within weeks of happening.
  9. Relevant and pro-active opinion papers and in-depth analysis, with a focus on different geographies, asset classes and industries.
  10. Visually attractive and user friendly data at the fingerprints on both desktop and mobile devices, at an affordable multi-user cost.

We are working hard to launch the Data Platform on July 1, 2020 – stay tuned!